Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Project Life - Week 39 & 40

Hi everyone!
Here are my weeks 39 and 40. :)

Week 39

 This week was very exciting since i was on the Paperclipping Roundtable!!! I was nervous but Izzy and Noell managed to calm me down in about one minute!! :D It was a great experience!! To document it I took a selfie of myself "during" (it was actually at the vey very end) the recording and I wrote about how it was from when  I received the invitation to the moment of the recording.

I also included a screenshot of my phone once the show was online and we could see my name as a guest. I wrote the introduction from Izzy :) and the title and number of the episode. and Then the introduction of the guests by Noell.

I added an insert this week. It's the e-mail i got from Noell with the questions that would be asked during the show. I added some thoughts (in red) and printed it. I also had put a little note on my door saying that people should ring the doorbell or know on the door. I added it in my insert. :) Under the card "extraordinary Goodness" on the bottom right, I have a whole lot of journaling. The title is: what happened during these 2 hours of recording. :)

My spread this week is kept very very simple. Sometimes, some beautiful pictures and some words are really all that are needed!!

Here are my two little girls, sharing one desk, even though we bought them each one. :) I live to see these small moments full of love!!!

That week we had guests from Switzerland. Tom was living with Patrick and I when I first moved to Switzerland, 15 years ago. We lived all three together for 2 years! Because our friends were here, Patrick took one day off to spend the day with them, and because of that, he was able to come with us to the bus stop for the first time since the beginning of the school year. On this photo I used a small digital element from either the midnight edition. I added it on the photo in Photoshop and printed the photo like that. It's a neat and very simple addition.

Another great thing that happened this week is the rock climbing. It's a new family activity that patrick wanted to try for a long time and we finally went and discovered that Arielle has an extraordinary ability to climb. We had fun and it was really great family quality time!!! I have tons of pictures, but i tried to limit myself to 3 pictures, the business card and some words.

I worked on that specific picture with the app "a beautiful mess". That's how I added the She is 5. in yellow.

Week 40

The main activity, that we did over and over again this week, was to go walk at the river. I went with Maya while Arielle was in school and dad at work. It was fun to be just the two of us, outside, enjoying the warm weather, the fresh air and the beautiful colors. The real story is that I don't like fall. I don't like it because it means the end of the summer which I LOVE!. So this year I had to make a fall layout for the Design Team @ Get it Scrapped and I made it a quest to find the beauty in the fall. I must say that I really enjoyed that week!

Again, beautiful photos and words. Thats all is needed. :)

This week, we also got visitors from Switzerland. This time it was our dearest neighbors!! Bot were working with Patrick and we were living on the same floor during 2 years. We would just open the door, take one step and we were there. We had great meals together and we have nice memories of them. When they visited us, that week, we hadn't seen them for almost 4 years. They brought us loads of nice gifts!! One of them is this stuffed animal which is a "worries eater". You stick your worries inside it's mouth and it's gone! :) We also received chocolate, mustard (!!) and other things that we really appreciated. :) We brought our friends for a Hibashi evening. They do have it in Switzerland, but it's not affordable. We also went Geocaching, another favorite activity of ours. It was raining a little, but we were together, in the forest and we really had fun!! :) I tried to capture all of this with 5 photos and two journaling cards. :)

And finally, some more climbing pictures. Maya and Arielle. :) They are so precious!!

There you go! I hope you can find some inspiration for your own Project Life album!! It can be so easy and simple and yet so rich and beautiful!! 


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