Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hi everyone!
Last Thursday my daughter came back from school with a BIG RED BAG! This bag was containing the very famous Finkelhopper Frog, the Finkelhopper story book and a scrapbook.

Finkelhopper was sent to us by Arielle's gym teacher and we had the weekend to bring him along and have him make some exercise. We had to take a picture and log the exercise and the picture in the scrapbook. The teacher didn't know that Arielle's mom is a scrapbooker. ;)

This weekend we decided to bring the frog with us on a Geocaching trip. We we in the forest for 2,5 hours! We found to "treasure" (they are called "cache"), we took many photos, we had lots of fun, we spent some nice family quality time and it resulted a beautiful (digital) scrapbook page which will go into Arielle's teacher and Finkelhopper's scrapbook. :)

Tomorrow morning, the frog is going back to school and will hop in the bag of another student. He will be missed dearly. 


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Nanat said...

après t'avoir laisser un petit mots sur instagram concernant le géocaching , je viens ici voir ton petit article !! il est top !! j'aime beaucoup les photos , surtout celle ou vous laisser une petite trace dans le log book !! ;) et aux passage j'adoooOOOooore ton scrap !!