Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | December kits and digital download

Hi everyone!

Today I'm on the Citrus twist Kits bog with a layout and a digital file that I created and am sharing with you! :)

Head over there to know how to download it.

Say a little prayer.

I'm not a church girl, but in France, something resonated with all of us in Notre-Dame and in Sacré Coeur. The girls wanted to light a candle. They even wanted to take a coin home, you know, the ones coming out of the press machine?

So anyway, that day, when they lit up a candle, I made a prayer. A prayer of joy and love and healed hearts. And a month later, I know something happened that day. (I'll leave it to that for now. On my blog anyway.)

I doubled the cut file. In white it just didn't pop out enough, and in bleu neither, so I used both. :)

I played with the tones of the background paper to place my elements on this page. The red candles arrive on the most red part of the background and the grey church + the blue jackets of the girls are on the blue part of the background. You can see a pinkish light in the bottom photo, so I placed it in the pink part of the background.

I then placed my embellishments according to the colors as well. The yellow embellishments found a place next to the whitefish yellowish candles. And the blue and white title goes next to the blue part... Would you have noticed all that hadn't I point it out? Do you think of things like that when you build a layout? Or do you just follow your gut? I do a little bit of both. I think I start with my gut and then try to mix in some design principles. :) Following Debbie Hodge at Get it Scrapped, reading her articles on the blog and doing some assignments for her help me so much to notice these small details. :)

So don't forget to download your cut file. :D
Have a wonderful day and talk to you again soon!


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Gab said...

Absolutely stunning page