Friday, December 9, 2016

December Daily 2016 | Your Christmas Story

Hello everyone!

Yep, I'm in! I started my December Daily and I must say that I am not constant on creating (because I have so many other things going on at the same time!) but I'm not concerned about being late or caught up because this year I'm using a different approach! I don't have numbers in my album. Whoo!  How cool is that? :D So I started by following Debbie Hodge's class Your Christmas Story and you can follow along if you want. There's no such thing as being late over there. :) And its free.

So anyway, I started by documenting the ordinary life. I did it very simply, with text only.

After taking this picture, I did stapled a small golden chipboard star to the left of my title.

I printed my text on a vellum and I backed it, without adhering anything, with a piece of patterned paper that I found in my December Daily Citrus Twist Kit. I adhered a small 3x4 card on the back of the transparency I used for my opening page. Thee's only the back of the 6 from 2016 showing. I'm fine with that. Doesn't have to be perfect!

My first page, as suggested by Debbie Hodge, is representing my heralds (the signs showing that Christmas is approaching) These pictures and stories are still from the month of November, because really, the whole Christmas magic starts happening in November. Just think of the decoration starting to appear in the city, the shops windows that are transformed, the Christmas music playing on the radio, the growing number of tourists in the city (that's in Prague anyway! ha!). I wanted to capture that. Ah yes, the draw for the very famous gift exchange tradition going on in our family and the thinking about all the gifts we have to get for everyone. right?! I'm sure you can relate.

I used my Citrus Twist Christmas Daily kits to mae these pages. They are still available if you want to get some for yourself. I love using kits!! My Christmas stash is way overwhelming and some things in there are old and, well, buying some small kits this year felt refreshing. The whole stash stayed in the cupboard. ha! :)

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for some more December Daily inspiration!


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Gab said...

Beautiful - your photos are just gorgeous