Friday, December 16, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | December Kits

Hello everyone!

I loved working with the Citrus Twist Kits December kits this month! The December kits weren't Christmas related at all.

Here is a page I made about my dream of becoming a designer coming true! <3 nbsp="" p="">I used a very neutral and subtle background. I think I would have lost my pictures on a white background. My photos are the overview of my summer collection and a part of the banner of my winter collection. I'm pretty happy that I could blend them together even though the color scheme is so different!

This cork shape was just the perfect element to act as my title! I really love those pieces of gold in the creases. I supported the title by adding a lot more of these cork shapes.

I sort of underlined my title with a cluster of die cuts. I also sneezed a small stamp in there. ;)

Adding some sweet details and soft colors + some shiny gold.

I really love the dimension of the twine and the small chipboard heart here.

Some stitching for good mesure. Notice how the 2 photos, the title and these labels form a diagonal line through the page?

For this subtitle (it's not really a subtitle, but it's sort of a 2nd title), I used my brush pen and a stamp. I like the contrast of the two different fonts.

that tape printed on the paper is the perfect place to add an element. And the date! :)

And here's my journaling. I realize that when the page is going into my own personal album, I usually write in French. When the page goes into the family album, I alternate French and English but I mainly write in English. It's a natural process and I don't really think about it. 

Are you still hard at work on your December Daily? Just a little hint, sometimes it's fun and helpful to switch gear for only one evening. ;)

Talk to you soon!!


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Gabrielle McCann said...

Such a pretty page - you have such an eye for adding beautiful details!
And I've always wondered why sometimes your journaling is in French and sometimes in English!
I hope you had a wonderful European Christmas and wish you and your family all the very best for 2017!!!