Monday, October 12, 2015

Pretty Little Studio - Wedding album

Hi everyone!
Salut tout le monde!

As I listened over and over again to Noel Hyman and Shimelle Laine's class: The Story-Centered Album, I wanted to get to that wedding album once and for all. But I didn't get to it. I feel like my scrapbooking albums are a little bit like my to do list: there are some items that always fall back to the bottom of the list. My wedding album is one of those.

The reason? Maybe it's because my album and my memorabilia album (It's a kind of scrapbooking album made with pages guests made for us before the wedding. I passed out 8.5 x 11 while cardstock pages and told the guests to do something with it - a collage, a drawing, a tip, whatever they wanted to do actually and to bring them to us on the day of the wedding.) were in the basement as my house got flooded back in 2010 when we moved to the USA. The negatives from our wedding photos were also in there. What I did with that? Well, the negatives, all wet, were put between two sheets of kitchen paper and as they dried, they stuck to both papers. As I read, I will have to soak them once more and gently peel them off and hang them to dry. Yeah, sounds like fun. And so much work! The memorabilia album? All the pages were taken out and left on the floor to dry. Some of them were died by being next to other pages with bold colors and others are illisible. I plan to do my best to salvage the most that I can. Same thing with the pictures. They were taken out of the pockets and set to dry. Thankfully, the picture are not so bad. And even more thankfully, I had scanned most of them so I have everything on hard drive and I can print copies as I go. It's not like having original prints, but for now, it's just enough. While I set everything to dry, it looked like this:

So very sad. And it's scary now to go back and dig and try to do something with these...

Our invitations. Church books. Everything handmade, of course.

That was one of my favorite letter I received for my guests-scrapbook from my cousin.

And the card from my brother... :(

Heart braking, right?

So anyway, when I saw that Katie Jaeger had a class called "The Best Day Ever" at Big Picture Classes, I thought it's time. Get to it!! So I pulled out my wedding box and just started.

The first page I made yesterday was one about our rings...

Here it is, for Pretty Little Studio.

The picture is a print from my photos on my computer. No memorabilia on that page, and not too much journaling either since it was for a design team. Some other pages will certainly be more story and less beauty. But I still want to make it pretty.

I invite you to go to the Pretty Little Studio blog if you want to see the list of products I used.

My plan is to have a full album dedicated to my wedding. I already have the big 12x12 album from the photographer, but I wanted to have something that would tell the story of the wedding and not just a photo album. If you feel like it you can jump on board with me. I'll share more wedding pages here in the next months for sure. :)



Cara said...

The page is stunning and the photo is gorgeous! So sorry tho that you lost so much :(

Marie-Michèle Livernoche said...

C'est bien triste ton histoire de photos et de souvenirs détruits... :'(
Contente toutefois que tu aies décidé de t'attaquer à cet album suite à ton cours avec Noell! Hâte de voir la suite!!