Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Please bare with me while I move

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted here in a while and felt like I owe you an explanation. I also felt the need to write again. :)


So for the ones who still don't know (which means you are not following me on Facebook and/or Instagram. Hint Hint!), I'll be moving very soon. My husband got a job transfer and we'll be going south, to another state, at the beginning of July. What does this imply?

1. Selling our house: showings, keeping the house clean everyday, packing up half of my studio and moving it to the basement - sigh!!

2. Finding a new home without being there where the houses are!!!

3. A husband on the road which leaves me alone most of the time to do all of the above.

That implies lots of stress and of question marks for me and my two girls who have been crying  everyday for a month! It's tough.

On the scrapbooking side, I have been left with no creative energy for a while. Thankfully, I managed to finished 2 months in advance my work for one of my Design Team. My second Design Team is being very very very understanding and are letting me breathe and I appreciate it more than they can know. As for the third Design Team, I found enough inspiration and time to keep rolling. I'm working very hard to be ahead of my assignments so that when we pack up, at the end of June, I can be without scraping for a month or two without being late with my assignments. (You'll see all these pages poping up here in June and July).

It's pretty crazy around here right now. When my girls finally are sleeping around 9:30-10:00, I have to clean the house and have it ready for showings the next day. Scrapbooking? I don't have that on my mind very much. Or lets say that I simply have no time right now.


In addition to that, we were on vacation at the beginning of May. It was planned before my husband was transferred so we didn't know it would be like that! But you know, even though it was probably not the best time to leave, it has done me much good!! We went away for a week. We spent 5 days at Disney and 2 days at the beach. It was awesome!!

There was family time. All of us 4 together.

There was princesses hugging.

And when my husband had to leave for 2 days on a business trip (I know, crazy!!!), I was lucky enough that my parents were only three hours away and they could come and help me!!! I was so so so lucky!!!!

There was time to forget all the craziness happening in our life.

And there was sun, and salty water, and shells, and photo taking, and love, and laughs, and so many things to refill my soul and recharge my batteries.


When we came back from vacations, Patrick's number of days away grew bigger and bigger and bigger. But I kind of got used to be alone with the girls. And I have very good friends here who take care of me and spoil me very well.

So anyway, as Patrick was in Charlotte one week, he went to visit some more houses (on a previous house hunting trip we had visited 30+ houses…!!) and guess what. We bought a house. Just like that. I felt like in the Zillow commercial. I haven't seen it. Only pictures. It has a pool. It's small. But hey, if he thinks we could be happy there, then I guess we'll make it happen.


Oh, and last week, the day after we bought the house, it was my birthday. I was to be alone, but Maya reminded me:

"You are not alone, mommy, Maya and Arielle are here."

And she couldn't have said it better. The whole day, I didn't have a minute to be sad or tot hunk that Patrick wasn't there. We got a surprise showing, which means we got to clean all morning and go out for lunch (we chose Flatbread - our favorite place). :) And we then went to the playground, and I went grocery shopping and picked all my favorites to make myself a one of a kind Birthday Dinner!! :)

Sushi, cucumbers, cheese and olives make me happy. :)

My girls sang to me (they had to start over after Arielle realized they had started the song in English! "No, wait Maya, we have to do this in French.").

I received over 100 wishes from my friends on Facebook. It was an awesome day.

And even Patrick managed to come home one hour before the day was over and he brought roses and chocolate.

And then of course, the long weekend was all mine!! So we went from one restaurant to the other. ;)

Here we are at a Korean BBQ. Really good and different.

Voilà! You are now up to date. :)

I can't wait till you see all the pages I've been creating lately. Please please please bare with me. I'll get back to my normal state when all this craziness is over. I promise!! After all, I'm a hard core scrapper. You know that! ;)

Thanks to be there!!


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Celise McLaughlin said...

Congratulations! Condolences too. So hard to leave. But a new adventure awaits. Charlotte is lovely and only a few short hours from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. You are lucky that your play time... Travels with you!