Tuesday, August 6, 2013

twice a year, I make cakes

Hi everyone!
Just for a little change, I would like to show you the cake I made for Maya this year as she turned 3.
There was no real celebration. My parents were here and a friend of mine came over for cake with her 2 kids, but beside that, nothing special happened. Well, there was the cake. :)

Maya is very much into Winnie the Pooh since a couple of months so my husband wanted me to try that. You know, it's hard to make characters..... like Winnie the Pooh vs a Teddy bear. Or like Tigger vs a tiger. Or like Piglet vs a pig..... And when I got to it I thought, ok, what have I got myself into??

I thought I'd start with Winnie the Pooh and that if I could get that right, I'd stop and do something else. And well, my first attempt was bad.... How bad? Bad enough for me not to have any picture of it anymore.... But if you know me better than that, you'd know that when I said if it didn't work I'd do something else, you'd know that I wouldn't quit after only one attempt. ;) So I moved on to piglet, made Eeyore and came back to Winnie, and in one evening, I had achieve this:

I was pretty confidence for the rest, but Tigger wouldn't be easy. in fact, I had NO IDEA how to make the head. But after 4 hours working on it, I managed to get something nice:

I wouldn't know how to make it again.... and he's my favorite of the gang.

The night before the decoration of the make, Arielle wanted to help me so we made flowers together.

And hadn't she spill the whole bottle of yellow beads in the spilled glue....it would have been a big help. ;) But anyway, we had a good time together and it was fun. That night I made all the flowers and mushrooms, honey pots and bees and the next morning I "only" have to put everything that on the cake!!  At the end it looked like this.

And Maya was happy. My husband too. Arielle too. And me, well, as always, I was happy that I could prove to myself that I can do things that I don't think I'll be able to do.
Here are some pictures of the birthday. :)

And if you wonder.... YES! We eat them!! They are the best part.

Last year I took a class with Heidi Swapp and one prompt was: how do you show love? And every time I make a cake now I think of her. It takes a lot of time and a lot of time to make a cake like these. But the kids really enjoy them. And when their birthdays are coming they don't ask for a gift, they ask for a cake so, it makes it worth it. :)

See you soon with another scrapbook page, or two!! :)


Anonymous said...

That cake is AMAZING! I also love that you get pictures of you bringing the cake out.

Anonymous said...

wow, i'm impress !! moi je me serais JAMAIS lancée dans la fabrication de vrais personnages. T'es vraiment bonne, c'Est telement difficile j'admire ton courage, ta ténacité et ton "don de toi" (ca se dis-tu?). Bref, un mega gros bravo, j'espère simplement un jour pouvoir être là pour célébrer avec vous !

Bravo mon amie!
Gen xxx

amy tangerine said...

WHOA! How amazing is that cake?! You are so talented.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thanks, Amy!!! :) Yeah, I do that too. ;)