Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project Life Week 27

Hi Everyone!
First of all, THANK YOU for all your kind words here, on Facebook and on Instagram. I was showered with such nice words that I am now full of energy to pursue my scrapbooking dreams! I feel blessed that I have won to contests back to back, it is just AWESOME!!! 
And for some of you who might wan to know what I'll do with the 500$ Studio Calico Gift Card, I'll register for the monthly scrapbooking kit for one year and with the rest of the money I'll by add-ons, as they catch my eye. I am really blessed and so thankful for all that is happening to me right now!

And now on to my Project Life, Week 27 (I skipped week 26 because I sent it to Get it Scrapped. It will be online sometime in September.) Ok so week 26 and 27 I was in Canada, visiting my parents with my daughters, enjoying my friends, old and new, enjoying music consorts, celebrating the Quebec National Holiday and one week later Canada Day.  I had a great time and I am s happy that I documented everything. Everything last longer when you take a picture. :)

This is Canada Day celebration with a new Friend and his 2 roommates. I met him last year, also at Canada Day, right after the concert I was attending with my dad. During the concert I was regretting that I hadn't bring my camera (I only had my iPhone) and I saw this guy the whole evening snapping pictures of the group, almost from the front row, with this giant camera. Well, after the concert, I found myself walking right behind him and he was looking at his pictures on his camera screen and luckily I'm not shy so I asked if any were good and if he could send me some.  And that's how our friendship started. Fast forward one year later, I'm in Quebec again for the live concert at Canada Day (this is no coincidence, I love concerts so I plan going to Canada every year on the Quebec National Day and Canada Day). :) And we went together. This year I got to try his camera. I had a lot of fun, beautiful pictures and a sore shoulder for the next days. And a new friend. :) Oh, and a new lens for my camera because I was not satisfied with my camera anymore after I had spent the evening shooting with his. ;) 

So this is the meal before the concert and me meeting his 2 fun room mates. :) The story is the one I just told you about how I met him last year.

This is the explanation of the day and some fireworks pictures. (His picture, not mine!)

This is the first group, Les Respectables.

This is us with the famous and gigantic Canada-flag-cake. I know I'm holding 2 plates but believe me, I didn't eat one single bite. No thanks, I'm a chips kind of girl!! :D

These are all my pictures of Coeur de Pirate (Beatrice Martin), the main act of the show. She was so good and adorable. I added a first insert for these pictures.

I had so many pictures, I forced myself to choose the 3 best one.

The other side of the insert: me and my mom shopping at my favorite shopping mall. My favorite frozen yogurt. and time to leave Canada and go back home! This (on the right) is another insert: 8,5 x11. It's a copy of the e-mail I got telling I had finished 2nd. I was jumping HIGH, believe me!!!

This is once we reached our home. :) The girls were happy to see their dad again after 2 weeks away.

Here is an ode to the one of the two cats who is still with us while Capucine had to leave for a better world.

The last little piece down there is a thank you card that I made for Arielle's birthday friends. :) Highly inspired by Arielle's birthday card made by my friend Genevieve. :)

Thanks for looking, guys! I'm off to a week of vacation but you'll get to see a new reaaally really nice layout very soon! :) RIGHT HERE!! You won't want to miss it!! :)

Take care guys and talk to you again soon!!


Isabelle said...

Félicitations encore pour ton prix SC! J'ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas faire avec ce nouveau kit!

Très bonne idée pour la carte attachée avec une trombonne sur ta lettre du magazine Entr'Artistes. J'aime aussi la carte petite sirène que tu as inclu.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Merci Isa!!! Moi aussi j'ai hâte de voir comment ça va m'inspirer. :)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Merci pour tes commentaires assidus. Ça me fait tellement plaisir!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, c'est beau et inspirant, comme toujours, vraiment cute ta carte, j'espère qu'il y avait pas trop d'amies à cette fête, parce que c'est beaucoup de travail tpout ce coloriage!! nice job my friend, Have nice vacations and enjoy your family time!!

See ya
Gen xxx

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Ben ça dépend. 22 trouves tu que c'est beaucoup?! ;)