Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Have you ever used pinwheels?

Hi everyone!

Woohoo! I'm still so excited from my last big news!! :)
But today too I have something GREAT to show you!!
I think that this is my most beautiful page ever!!!
I created it for getitscrapped.com

The story of the page is awesome. I was in Quebec, at my parents house, and everything was planned for me to go meet a good friend of mine when she called me, 2 days before our appointment to tell me that something had happen and that we wouldn't be able to meet. (Things like that can happen in life. I wasn't mad at all. I love my friend more than the day we were supposed to be together.) So anyway, as I heard the news, my other scrappy friend, Genevieve, you've met her here, tells me: send me a picture you want to scrap, I'll have it print for you and tomorrow you come to my place and we'll scrap together!! She caught me off guard (as she often does). I didn't have anything with me to scrapbook, and I don't know if I ever told you before but I'm an "at home, in my things, at my desk" kind of scrapbooker. So I didn't know what to say. I still had one page to make for my design team, I had to use pinwheels in some creative way.... ok, I'm in!

So I went to flickr, to my online gallery, as my friend told me (because you know, as I was caught off guard I said: I don't even have my pictures with me!!) and I went through all my photos, looking for one I could scrapbook with some kind of pinwheel(s). I had no idea of what I wanted to do. I found one nice picture and I sent it to her. The next day I went to Scrapbook Centrale in Montreal and I gathered some patterned papers and some embellishments and I drove to my friends house. She was still at work but she gave me the key to her house and the green light to use her scrap room without her. Can you imagine?? We don't find friends like that everywhere!! :) So anyway i got started, totally out of my comfort zone and a miracle happened!

After 4-5 hours I was sitting in front of THIS:

And oh how I wish you could see this in real. My friend Gen and I agreed that it was THE most beautiful page I had created to this point and we sat in awe for several minutes. I have no idea from where or from what this page came out. My head I guess! ;)

Look at the background paper:

It's grey with some white and some silver butterflies. It's shining like you have no idea!! Gorgeous gorgeous paper! (And I only bought one page! ha!)

The pinwheel is homemade and since I hadn't find any yellow paper of the color I wanted I finally had to go with some washi tape paper. Yeah, I know, expensive!! But I had to! It was THE perfect match to the dress.

I also wanted a yellow paper that was white or cream on the back to make a big contrast and not to add any other colors to my layout. At the very end I decided to add a little bit of blue to get the blue roof from the castle in the picture. My friend Gen made me a custom made glittery brad with a flower brad and some glitter (she's the queen of glitter, we'd have to ask her how she did it exactly) ;) I wrote my journaling on blue strips of cardstock to match the brad.

My pinwheel is attached to a skewer stick that I cut to the right length with some scissors and I adhered the journaling strips on foam dots to have them the same height as the skewer stick.

Behind the picture I built a frame that look like a sun with several kind of yellow and white cardstock and some velum too. I sewed every piece with silver thread.
I added a touch of blue in the title and the date.

Lastly, with some hot glue, I added a yellow ribbon that is exactly like the dress of my daughter in the picture. I had luck with this. I was looking for some kind of yellow ribbon and that's what was there.

Here's my page again. It is now framed and hanging in my daughter's bedroom.

PS: I know that the journaling makes no sense!! I adhered the sentences not in the right order. I fixed it after I had taken this picture. ;) It's all good now. 

See you soon!
Thanks for stopping by.



Anonymous said...

C,est vrai que c,était une magnifique après-midi/ soirée, surtout le fait que cétait "unexpected". Et ta page est vraiment superbe mais encore plus belle en vraie. On se refait ça bientôt ?! gen Xxx

S said...

Very pretty page, and that flowing yellow ribbon rocks it.

Nathalie C.Ouellet said...

C'est tellement beau cette page Marie-Pierre. J'adore ! Arielle est magnifique !!!