Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taking the bus or Using a map on your page

Hi everyone!
For this page I made for get it scrapped had to inspire myself from a book illustration, which was VERY easy because every time we read a story to the girls at night, guess what? I GET INSPIRED!!! lol
The images in kid's books are always so rich and colorful. 

And since I made this page at the beginning of September, it was easy easy easy to find a story to scrap: Arielle was taking the bus FOR THE FIRST TIME! Eeeeeek!! I was more scared than her. And I took lots of photos!! :) 

Here's the book I chose that we were reading over and over again at the beginning of the school year:

Look at the colors, and the drawings. They look as if anybody could draw them, right? 

Here is the result of this inspiration:

I decided to use some watercolor to render the colors. They are less vibrant on my page than in the book, but they are still very happy. And the green next to the orange of the school bus is a happy mix.

To reproduce the cartoony look of the kid's book, I hand drew a map of our neighborhood (as good as I could! lol), including our house, the bus stop, our playground, the forests and streets surrounding us. 

For the title I mixed 2 fonts. The pink one is very cartoonish, which I thought was fitting. 

I typed the journaling on vellum and I cut it in strips. I didn't want to hide the background. I stitched every strip and also stitched around the page with a gold thread and I mounted my layout on kraft background.


Hope this can inspire you to find inspiration around you because really, inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!!

Happy creating!


Isbaha said...

Absolutely gorgeous, I can't believe you drew the backgound, stunning and amazing, I love your pages always so meaningful !

Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

QUOI? Non..... pas un talent de plus sur la liste? Ahaha! Tu m'épates encore une fois Marie-Pierre. Je suis totalement charmée par ton aquarelle (et ca me donne évidemment envie de sortir les miens). Sublime. Je n'ai pas d'autres mots!

Janet Kemper said...

This looks so fantastic!! I love everything about it.

Emily Leiphart said...

Beautiful, Marie-Pierre! I LOVE your page and I'm also inspired by children's books. :D You asked about cleaning the Tsukineko glue pad off your stamps - I just hand-wash them under running water with anti-bacterial hand soap. Make sure to rinse off all the soap. Then I towel dry. Have fun! :)

Ladybird said...

J'adooooore! Non mais quelle bonne idée!!!