Monday, November 11, 2013

Cards Cards Cards!

Hi everyone!!!
I am now full in the swing of making Christmas cards!!!!!!
Here's a peek at my art table right now:

Watercoloring is my favorite!! I absolutely love the look of watercolor. It can be soft, but it can also be vibrant!! :)  And this year I got myself a beautiful stamp from Art Impressions and I'll be make beautiful tri-fold cards!! You can see my little sleeping Santa on one card. ;) I stamped 20 cards and now I'm on to the color. I'll take my time and do one at the time instead of chain coloring. I think it will be gorgeous!! :)

Is anyone else going to make handmade cards this year? I notice that people here are going for a "photo of the family-card". It's not my style. I much prefer a hand made card. But that's just me. The nice thing is that every personalized card is special. And now in the e-mail world we are living, any paper card is well appreciated, right?! Oh my, the feeling I get when I open my mailbox and see my name, hand written on an envelope…. awesome!! :)

So anyway, I would like to show you some of my previous Christmas cards here to maybe give you some ideas or some inspiration, or some courage to start making your Christmas cards too. And just to make sure you know, there's the "cards" label on the left side of my blog if you need some inspiration to any other occasion card!! :)

Have a good one!!!
Marie-Pierre :)


S said...

Oh, these are off-the-scale adorable. Very festive!!

Dúnia Acauan said...

Oh My your cards are absolutely beautiful!!!!

Janet Kemper said...

All of these cards are stunning! I love them, just beautiful.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thank you ladies!! So fun to see new faces (and comments!) here this morning!! :)