Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scrapbooking about a loved one who passed

Hi everyone!!

This time for Get it Scrapped I had to make a grid, with color blocking and tone on tone embellishments. And to do so, I used (for the first time!!!) a Studio Calico Kit. :) It was awesome to work with a kit. I did picked some other stuff that I had in my stash, but I also used so many things from the kit!! And this color palette is not really one I would have chosen, but at the end I think my photo goes well with the color with the aquas and greens in it, and because my grand-father was a lover of golf and flowers, I thinks it works perfectly!! I also threw in some gold accents because…I'm into gold lately, and also because my grand-father used to tell me over and over again: all that glitter is not…?! lol

So here's my page:

And some details.
Here for the embellishment I punched a circle from the background paper that had lots of greens in it and I mounted it on a chipboard circle to give it dimension. I layered the green acrylic numbers 24 and added a small tag with "may" on it. May 24th was his birthday and since mine is May 23rd, it was always a big deal for us. :)

I stamped in gold here. The Love creatively stamp was perfect for my page since my grand-pa was an artist! He was a painter. :)

Next I used a small velum envelop in which there were some embellishments and I mounted a chipboard butterfly on it to close the envelop. I filled the little pocket with a piece of patterned paper from the kit. I used a paper with empty cross word puzzles… My grand-pa was making one (or more!!!) everyday! And all his little riddles that he had for me when I saw him were from the cross word puzzles so this symbol had to make it onto the page! One word that he was asking over and over again was belfry. He would say: how do you call "le clocher" of a church in English? I'm probably one of the few Quebeckers who know that (well, maybe not anymore). So anyway, even the word wasn't fitting all on the little square, I wrote the beginning of it. I think it's just enough to keep a memory alive!

Here you have the "all that glitters is not…" That tone on tone!! :D And next to it I stamp his birth and death years.

I've cut out the small camera from a bigger piece of paper and mounted it with some glue foam on a background of gold stars. To repeat the background and make it kind of tone on tone I used a glittery star on the front of the embellishment.
And then the green alpha! In order to have tone on tone I used the washi tape right on the square of patterned paper. I also added a small wooden geotag and a enamel dot in aqua in the middle.

If I can resume it: my grand-pa was born one day apart of me, was a gemini like me, loved me very much, was an artist (pretty much like me I think), love playing with flowers in his flower garden (and pick flowers at the botanical garden (I know!!!!! It was awful!!) and an avid golfer who loved to take photos of women, of flowers and of myself with his small and old camera! :) He passed away at 91 years old. He is truly missed! (oh yes, he loved to sing too! I'll have to make another layout to talk about how he ripped the microphone off of our best man's hands during his toast at our wedding to start singing "oh Rose Marie I love you, I'm always dreaming of you. No matter what I do, I can't forget you….")

I didn't know what to do with the ribbon. I wanted to use it because of the texture it can bring and because of it's color but at the same time I didn't want it to be too feminine. At the end I think it seems pretty "feminine, but that's ok. It picks up all the cool blue hues in my photo so I'm happy! :)
This cute etiquette was from that sheet of quotes we cot in the PL kit (if I remember weel) and it was very fitting since at the end (when the photo was taken) my grand-pa was in a place for old/sick people and we knew it was the end and I was so so sad. That day when we visited him I cried all the way back in the car. That was a 2.5 hours drive!! It was so sad to see my grand-pa there, and to almost not recognize him anymore because he had no more interests, nothing to tok about anymore… it was awful! And I'm glad I could do a page about him with bits and pieces of him that I still remember and which make me smile today when I think about him.

I hope you like my page and that I could maybe inspire some of you of making a page about a person you loved who is no longer here. It's hard to make pages like that, but it's oh so worth it!! And we absolutely have to do it while we remember. Memory is not something that we can count on forever, we do forget more and more small things with time passing, so get to it! That's my advice to you today. :)

Thanks for all the love you leave me here and there, on Facebook, Instagram, my galleries at Two Peas and Studio Calico. Every comment is truly appreciated!!!

Talk to you soon!!


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