Saturday, November 16, 2013

My December Album - Update!!

Hi everyone!!

I just started my December (kind of) Daily album and I'd like to tell you a little bit about what I'm aiming for this year.

It will be my 4th year doing a December album this year. What does that mean?
1. It means that I like doing it.
2. It also means that it's starting to be redundant and that I'd like to mix things up a little. ;)

Ok, so this year I bought Studio Calico' December Daily kit. I had it in mind last year too, but with the price, it never even was a question. I just wasn't buying it. This year, I won the video contest and 500$ so I grabbed the opportunity and indulged in a 100$ Christmas Kit. ;)

Here's what my album look like for now:

Since I don't like to glue something to the front of my album, for practicality reasons I decided to only highlight some of the embossed stars, using an oil based gold paint pen. It worked like a charm. 

I guess it's because I didn't embellish the album much that I felt the need of doing a title page.

The small stars are cut files that came with the Studio Calico kit. I had my Silhouette cut them in some  Stampin'UP! wasabi card stock. The December was also cut with my Silhouette together with the "our story" which is Debbie Hodge's class title. I added some 2013 wood veneers and a gold frame for a very simple and clean yet very festive and Christmas-y look.

The small vellum Christmas tree was one of the many embellishments of the kit and I punched a small star in some gold card stock to create the nice star on top of the tree.

As for the other pages, here's a sneak:

Because I feel like my albums are quite repetitive from a year to another, and because I always feel like non-Christmas-y events don't always have a place in my December album, I chose to go with Debbie Hodge and her "our December Story" class this year. From what I understand of it, it is NOT a December Daily type of class. It's more of a global story telling process. I think that in this class, I won't be trying to take a picture of the only Christmas-y moment which lasted only one second because I won't have to make a page that day if I don't have anything to say that day. But even if I skip a day (or two) my album will be complete and very thoughtful. That, I know! I already have the first lesson in my hands and it is oh so inspiring!! I made a two page layout based on it but I could have made many more. I just refrain myself a little since it's only mid-November!! lol The only thing I can tell you for now is that even if the official holiday season is not there yet, I do see a lot of signs around me yelling that Christmas is right around the corner. In fact, it will be here sooner than we might think. ;)

Enough said on that for now, I will be able to tell you a little more about the class and show you my first pages on Tuesday, so make SURE to come back. I'll also have an awesome GIVAWAY!!! So make sure you make note of that and come back Tuesday. :)

In the mean time, if you want to register to the class without waiting, you can do so by clicking here:

Click here to view more details

This is an affiliate link so if you plan on joining me on the adventure, make sure you use this link in order to support me! :) Thanks everyone!!

And see you Tuesday for the beginning of my December Adventure! :)



Isbaha said...

Très jolie, ta première page !
J'aimais tellement le kit SC que j'ai décidé de le copier pour me faire le mien, alors bien sûr, c'est du fait maison, mais ça y ressemble quand même et puis je me suis bien amusée...
Tu m'intrigues avec cette classe de Debbie Hodge, j'hésite, j'hésite, je ne suis pas fan des classes autour du journaling habituellement, mais si je clique, ce sera sur ton lien !

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

T'es vraiment fine Isbaha!!! Attends à mardi. Tu vas voir un peu plus ce que j'ai fait à partir du 1er cours de Debbie. Je te dirais que le cours n'est pas tant sur le journalier (la façon d'écrire) que sur l'histoire. Moi ça m'a donné plein d'autres idées que celles qui sont évidentes comme: décorer le sapin, mettre les lumières dehors, etc. Debbie nous aide à aller au delà de l'évident je dirais. Mais attends si tu n'est pas certaine. J'veux pas te faire dépenser pour dépenser. :) Il faut que tu l'aimes le cours!! Pas que tu le prennes pour me faire plaisir. :) Merci de toujours passer me voir et de me laisser des commentaires!! J'adore ça! :) Et j'ai vu ton kit. C'est à s'y méprendre!! Super réussi. Je ferai probablement quelque chose comme ça l'année prochaine. :) À Mardi!!! mp xxx

Marie-Michèle Livernoche said...

Très inspirant comme début!! J'ai hâte de voir la suite...

Michelle said...

Your album looks fantastic so far! I love those stitched snowflakes on the photo :)

Debbie Hodge said...

gorgeous cut files! you rock type just like everything else.

Anonymous said...

I love your album especially how you sewed the snowflakes on the front door picture. This will be my first year doing a December Album. Thank you for the chance to win!
Roberta V.

Maureen Reynolds said...

I decided to do December pages in my regular PL scrapping.

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

what an awesome idea for that cover - i love it!

Dúnia Acauan said...

Your album looks incredible amazing! I was tinking about making a December Daily this year (but I'm a 100% digi girl and I'm not sure if it will be ok) Thanks for the inspiration!