Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 43 and 44

Hi everyone!

I had lots of fun working on these last two weeks!!
To put myself in a Halloween mood, I decided to get myself some Halloween cards. I found some MAMBI Halloween cards for $1.50 a pack of 36 cards. I loved the cards because they were all glittery and they had foil and were all shiny. :) Check out the beautiful pumpkin face in my pages below!!

I also used my Antuquary Project Life Kit from Stdio Calico, which I absolutely adore. Why I like these kits that much?? Because I feel like I CAN use the embellishments that come in it! I bought them for my PL album so it's like granting me the use of it vs. hoarding them forever for a future scrapbook page I might do later…. :)

So, with no further bla blas, here are my pages:

Week 43

Fallen leaves are like seashells, I can't help myself and stop picking them!!! One found it's place in my album. I don,t know how long it will last before it all break down in leaves pieces but hey, who cares? If it falls apart, it will only be in it's small 4x6 pocket! :D This red leaf reminds me of my Canadian flag.

This is one of the Mambi card, glittery Happy Halloween. One week in advance, yesss!! :)

This is a cute anecdote that happened in my house.
Me: "Arielle, today we have to clean because Genevieve is coming tomorrow."
Arielle, looking at the living room: "Wow! It looks like Maya will have a lot of work to do today!"
The stars are from an Halloween stamp set from Hampton that I picked at the same time as the Halloween cards. I colored them in with a gold paint pen. The Arielle 5 years old was stamped with some alpha stamp. I love these! They are so useful for titles.

The "You've been Boo'd" sign was intended to put in our window but it was so small I thought it would fit better in my album. ;) I printed a new one from the internet to hang to our door. And the small picture was taken in our garage, right before we went booing our friends. :) It's a favorite Halloween activity that we discovered when we moved here. :)

This is a picture of the girls saying "good bye" and "I love you" to each other in the car when I dropped Arielle off t school. This is MY favorite!

This week Patrick had to leave for work so we went to have dinner at our best friend's. We had an awesome time. :)

One insert this week: It's a drawing I made for Maya in school because she was crying to leave with me. :(

When you have an insert, I suggest that you add a little card (or a part of one) to explain WHY you added this insert. You'll be thankful for that later when you don't remember why the heck you made a drawing. ;)

On the other side of my drawing I added our ghost from the door as we have been BOOed and I added a small story from these BOOS. We've been booed twice and the second time Patrick found his favorite swiss chocolate in the bag!! We had been obviously boo-ed by our Swiss neighbors. :) Patrick wanted to take the chocolates but the girls opposed to the idea. So Patrick had to trade!! Did you know that a swiss chocolate is worth 2 american chocolates? ;)

This week we had my best scrappy friend over with her family!!!

We scrapped (chatted and ate) all night! We tried to make a page together…. :)

Here's our selfie (I shouldn't have used the wash tape, it's too busy and too much on our heads) and a small card I made with gold card stock and a cute punch that my friend bought while she was here.

These cuties are my friends two daughters. I loved it when they played with Maya. I loved that Maya could have a conversation with kids her age. She does,t speak English so here, even if we have friends, maya never get to talk and express herself. That makes me sad. She was so happy!!!!

Because next week it's Halloween, the girls won't have dance on Thursday, so they could wear their Halloween costumes today. I asked Arielle to be creative and not wear her Ariel's dress at dance because dancing with a fish tail is not possible! ;) The picture was taken with my iPhone and is not good, but hey, this or nothing? I'll go with this anytime!! :)

We went climbing again. It's a family activity that we love and that is growing on us. :) And this weekend Maya could climb for the first time up to the top. She is so small that it is very hard for her to reach the steps. Be she did it!! I bet we'll see her get better every time we'll go.

And lastly, a "beautiful" picture of me climbing!! I don't have many of these and it is really blurry (Maya, 3 years old, took it!) but I wanted it in my album!!! :)

Week 44 - Halloween Week!

Are you going with the flow? Are your kids in the Rainbow Loom fever?? I didm,t know if Arielle was to young for that (she's 5) but I did bought her the kit, and about 10 bracelets later (or 2 days later) I had to go buy her refills of every colors!! As you can see I received a very nice all black bracelet!! ;)

And 2 days later we switched to the triple single bracelet. ;) We're still working on that one!

Here are the sisters at work. The little one is the helper.

This small and very cute camera was cut out from a journaling card from my Antiquary kit. (The pink card you see above.) Think about that when you use the cards. If a cute embellishment lands behind a picture, cut it out!! :) Just a tip.

An then it was time for pumpkin carving. I love this. For me it's like making a cake. It has to be grand!!  :)

On the 31st we had an Halloween Party in Arielle's class. Arielle was very nice to her little sister.

On Halloween night my 2 pumpkins had lots of success. :) That makes me happy.

Some cute journaling card from my Studio Calico Antiquary Kit. I stamped some yellow stars that came in my Halloween stamp kits from the week before. I stamped in yellow for a subtle tone on tone effect. I love these tiny tiny stars!!

The foil pumpkin card. Beautiful!!
And Maya when we came back home, in her Belle's costume.

This was our after halloween with our friends. The "nice" meltdowns from my girls didn't made it to the album. ;)

And this was our week-end, geocaching once again. It was so nice and warm outside!!!

So that's it! I'm up to date again!! Isn't it easy?! ;)
You got to make it a priority!

Talk to you soon!!


Stefany said...

Elles sont tellement belles tes filles. Tes pages sont magnifique comme toujours.

Sa m'inspire puisque je suis rendu à faire ma semaine d'halloween moi aussi ;)

Isbaha said...

C'est trop joli !