Saturday, October 18, 2014

Get it Scrapped - Albums dilemma

(Salut tout le monde, ce billet n'est qu'en anglais puisqu'il s'agit d'un cours donné en anglais. Merci et bonne fin de semaine à vous toutes!! Marie-Pierre)

Hi everyone!

I've talked about this many times (on the Paperclipping roundtable for instance), I don't love my albums. :( I think that my pages are nice, each one of them is telling a story, and I find them all beautiful, but together, they don't do much. I feel like when I pick up one album (when a friend asks to see what I do, or when my mom wants to see the latest pages, or even when I want to look back at my albums…) it's just a collection of random stories and although they are ordered in a chronological way, and although I have one album for Maya, one for Arielle, one for the family stories, one for Patrick and I's story and one for our travels, there's still something missing….

Well, I just saw this morning that Debbie Hodge (Owner at Get it Scrapped) will be having a class called "Curated Albums" and from the description, my understanding is that I'll be able to transform my collections of beautiful pages in albums that make sense. Isn't that wonderful?

What also grabbed my attention is that she'll help us make albums that we could give as gifts for Christmas (all, that's fabulous! I'd love that!!), albums that compel to people and that are interesting to open and read.

I can't wait to see this!! And to make something with it!!

If you want to join me, there's an early bird discount right now until October 20th. The class is $32 instead of $48.

You can read more about it and see if it would be something for you right here:

CURATED ALBUMS by Debbie Hodge

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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Gab said...

That class is so tempting!