Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting up to date with Project Life

Hi everyone!

Ah, it feels so good to be back scrapbooking again! This long withdrawal (for those who don't know, we just moved and I was without my studio for over a month!!) wasn't funny but I used my time wisely and got working on some scrapbooking related projects for which I was only needing a pen and some paper. :) More to come on that very shortly, I hope.

Ok so what I missed most while "on the go" was my computer and my printer. Had I been able to print pictures, I think I could/would have worked on my Project Life. Although….in our small hotel room, it would have been hard. So anyway, when we got our office back, that's what I started doing: printing pictures and putting them into pockets! My head was spinning with all the memories that were fresh and that I didn't want to lose grip of.

When I got my album back, my first idea was to go and see where I had stop. And I was surprised to see that my last week done was the first week of May. For sure we were only one month in a hotel room, but before the move I had many assignments to do for my design teams (had to finish all the pages for all the design teams and commitments for until the end of August!) So that, plus the never ending showings of the house to potential buyers that were happening weekly during 3 MONTHS!!! And there was my husband who was traveling every week so that I was left alone with the kids and the house needing to be tidy, all the time! ….. I really hadn't had time (or the head) for my Project Life album. But now I am back and I am motivated to fill every single missing week! Oh yes!! :)

So my plan?! Well, I will work backwards from now until May and I'll be careful to stay up to date in the current month. I already filled some weeks. Let me show you weeks 34-35-36. I also did week 33 but since it was a week spent at Disney, I'll keep it for a separate blog post. So here we go:


Week 34 was the week I came back from Disney with the girls and my parents. The day we were on the road, Patrick was getting all the furniture and boxes at the new house. We still had one night to sleep at the hotel and then we could enter our new home! :) After 21 days as homeless.

For this week I used the new Dreamy kit from Heidi Swapp. I love the soft colors and positive words. It makes my album look very calm.

I mixed it with some Studio Calico Project Life kit's elements, like this specific card at the bottom right.


I'm very pleased with week 35 which is a good mix between the cards and the pictures and which is, again, very soft and calm. I like that feeling to document an event that is quite exciting and stressful.

 I love the colors. I still love the gold!

I love adding just small labels to add a few details directly on the pictures.


 I included lots of pictures this week!! Maya got an underwater camera on her birthday in July and now that we have a pool, we could put it to great use! :) And since we had so many fun and funny pictures to chose from, I decided to keep mostly all of them. They don't need much journaling anyway. :)

 This was the first project I did in 1,5 months, remember. I started slow and kept it simple, but still had the urge to play a little bit, hence the use of the rub-on. :)

The Studio Calico monthly Project Life kit was very handy and helpful since everything was right there, in the little box. :)

Voilà for now. As I told you, next time I'll show you my week 33, spent at Disney with my parents. I was so very lucky that they came to help and support me during that time!

Oh and before I leave, one last thing, Tchoubi will be opening her store next week with loads of fun products in FRENCH!! So if you don't want to miss anything, make sure you go over there and subscribe to the newsletter! :) I'm excited about it. I have a scrapbook page over there that I'll be showing you very soon! :)

Big hugs,

PS: oh and a big thank you to everybody who is still subscribing at my blog and asking for my die cuts. I still have them and I can still pass them on to you if you want! You only have to go here and follow the directions. :)


Cara said...

These look fab! I love how you are working backwards all the while keeping current, soooo smart!

Nounette said...

Je suis trop contente de voir que tu te remets à ton PL!!! Je suis toujours aussi admirative, tout ton scrap est superbe!!!