Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our December story - December 2nd

Hi everyone!

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the holiday season! :)
Here, same old same old, with a little bit of extra magic, but sincerely, I think the magic comes from inside. The twinkling lights does something to people who are then nicer to everybody else who are then also nicer to everybody else. :) What do you think? I was reading through my "old" December Daily and I read a quote on one of the pages, "Do you believe in magic?" It was my oldest (she 4 at that time) asking. Yeah, I do believe in magic. Do you?! ;)

So anyway, I magically succeeded to put my December 2nd together today!! And the sun magically appeared too, letting me about 5 minutes to take somewhat decent photos. So here is my page, with some detail shots. Enjoy!! :)

Thanks for looking!!
And thanks for the many comments you leave me here and on Facebook and on Instagram, and thanks for pinning my work. It means the world to me!!!

Happy Holidays!!


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Marie said...

I love your December Daily pages!