Monday, December 16, 2013

Geographic pride

Hi everyone!!

Christmas is right around the corner, how are you doing?? :)

I'd like to show you a page I made for Get it Scrapped today.
The challenge was to make a page about a place and represent the place with some way, maybe with a map, or an emblem, a sign that screams the place we were representing. Not easy. What would you do if you had to do something like that? You know, sometimes the challenges are such a good way to push me to create awesome pages. When I "only" create, I usually stick to what I know. When I have a purpose (other than my story and photos) in mind, I surprise myself. :)

So here's my page. I made it about the last trip I took with my husband before we had kids. I was 7 months pregnant and we went to Andalucia, Spain, for 4 days. It was an awesome trip and I don't know why I took so long to document it. Probably I was waiting for the perfect challenge. ;)

The symbols I decided to use: the bull (and I used a silhouette since I'm all about silhouettes!!), the flag (that I mounted on a black inked toothpick),

the hands of the flamenco dancer which impressed me so much(!),

and the map on which I stitched our road trip. I used my Silhouette to die cut the title and I used the image I found online, on the Andalucia tourist information website. With Photoshop, it's easy. :)

I used the puffy geotags to highlight the 4 cities where we stopped.

On the second page, the 4 cities we visited are highlighted with photos and special stories. I used a paper that had spot for journaling and pictures and I printed the photos so that they would fit in the designated spots.

I used stamps and different colors of ink to make stories pop up.

And I used letter stickers to make the city names pop up. :)

It's incredible. When I make the pages, they are just "one more page" but when I prepare them for my blog posts, weeks later, I revisit them and that's when I decide if I like them or not. If they talk to me, I do like them. This one was just another page, but I discover now that I like it SO MUCH!!! I realize that the pages that are more precious to me are not the most artistic ones, and are not the most beautiful ones, they are not the ones which will make me earn a place on a design team. They are the ones with real stories, and lots of details, and tons of photos, even if they are small. I like pages that tell a story. And I am lucky to be able to make these pages as part of Debbie's team at Get it Scrapped. I am happy to be able to make genuine pages that are really ME. :)

Thank you Debbie! :)

Thanks for visiting everyone!!

I'll have some December Daily's updates real soon. :)



valé said...

Waouh quel journaling!!!!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

haha! Valé, Merci!! :) Moi mon problème c'est pas d'écrire, c'est d'arrêter d'écrire. ;)

Ladybird said...

Un véritable trésor cette page! Tout plein de détails sur votre voyage... C'est merveilleux! Pis je n'en reviens pas que vous ayez eu froid en Andalousie!!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! You are so creative!

Nounette said...

Je découvre ton blog et je me régale!!! J'en prend plein les yeux, tout est magnifique! Bravo!

Janet K said...

I just love these pages! They are wonderful and I love using maps!