Monday, December 2, 2013

Our December Story - December 1st

Hi everyone!!

Yay! December 1st is here!!!!
I was waiting for this day since a long time. I was so eager to start decorating. :)

Today we put up our Christmas tree (like probably so many of you!!) and as usual it didn't go as smoothly as I expected. ;) You know, two little girls. We just didn't have the same idea of decorating a tree. They actually thought decorating a Christmas tree means bringing our toys behind the tree and waiting until it's done so that we can play with the glass ornaments. Why wouldn't it be this way? It was this way last year. Can't blame them. But this year I said no! And I was firm, and they didn't like it very much. So anyway, daddy had the very good idea of bringing them to the movie theater to see Frozen (Apparently it was very good, but my little Arielle thought it was sad and started to cry in the middle of the movie. - She is just like me!) so that I can decorate, which I did. On my own, with Christmas music playing…I didm't know if it was a good thing. Decorating alone is kind of, not what I was expecting, but at the same time, it was MUCH quicker that way.

So anyway, I had some material to scrapbook about today in my "our December story" album. :)
Here we go….

Left page:

I staple a gold star to the calendar, right over the 1. I also added a gold label sticker and wrote on it.

 The red letters are from Basic Grey. Mini letters like that are a must in every scrapbooker stash! I'd be happy if I had more sheets of them because with only one sheet, it will soon be over.

 I used some wood veneer stars which didn't come in the DD kit. I love stars so much!! And for Christmas, they are just the perfect fit. (Although in my opinion, they are the perfect fit to a lot of things!!!) :)

This little card with Oh Christmas Tree typed in red is gorgeous. :)

 Here I only added the 1. I cut the side so that it doesn't stick out of the pocket.

Look at this small gold star rub-ons from Studio Calico! No, it's not in the December kit. It was in the Antiquary kit and I just added the whole sheet to my DD Kit since I thought gold stars fit perfectly!!

The right page:

The little dot all around are stitching. I used gold thread.

This cute brad is from Crate Paper. And the big star is again from Studio Calico, but not from the DD kit. The gold sequins are from my daughter's stash. But shhh! Don't tell her!! :)

I'm very pleased with the continuation of my album. I'm happy to be up to date and ready to go for day 2. :)

And you? How's your December album coming along? Leave me a link here if you blog about it. I'd be happy to come take a look!! :)

Thanks for coming by everyone. It is very much appreciated!



Anonymous said...

Bonjour Marie-Pierre,

C'est un superbe début. J'ai bien hâte de voir la suite de votre album. Je trouve l'anecdote de la cachette derrière l'arbre bien rigolote. :-)

De mon côté, j'ai aussi débuté mon DD (mais je n'ai pas de blogue pour le publier). J'utilise aussi le kit de Studio Calico en plus du matériel que j'ai déjà. Je vais sûrement "scraptlifter", entre autres, votre idée de bordure dorée cousue tout autour de la photo 6x8. J'adore! C'est discret et ça amène une belle touche de finition.

J'aime bien aussi votre façon d'intégrer le français et l'anglais dans plusieurs de vos pages et albums. C'est d'ailleurs l'une des nombreuses raisons pour lesquelles je vous lis régulièrement.

Je vous souhaite une très belle saison des fêtes! Au plaisir de continuer de vous lire.

Marie A.
St-Nicolas, Qc

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Ah, merci Marie!!! :) C'est super gentil!!! Joyeuses Fêtes et bientôt!! :)

Chrisy Clay said...

What a great story to record Marie. It might have felt a little strange decorating by yourself, but guaranteed in years to come you’ll remind your children of the year they wouldn’t help, and their father took them to the movies to get them out of your hair! It’s like the year my daughter was scared of the tree and wouldn’t come into the living room. We remind her of that every year 
Happy December!!

Carol W. said...

Beautiful start to your December Daily! Thank you for sharing.