Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Daily Day 6 - 7 - 8 and another FREE DIE CUT!

Hi everyone!

I'm very happy about all the feedback i get for my December album.
Making a December Daily album is sure fun, and a wonderful thing, but it has to be made, day by day, and that's not an easy task, especially when one have small children at home, or when one has a life, which we all do!! So, kudos to everyone who hang on and who are still in the game!! GOOD JOB! :D

So I added some details to my Christmas calendar and I'll show you the updated photo. :)

Here is day 6, once again :)

So, here is my calendar. I little more dressed up. As I was digging in my kit box, I found these 4 cute flairs and I thought you know what, If you don't use them now, you'll forget about them and you will never use them, so, let's go, put them on the page! :) I encourage you to do the same. There's really only a certain amount of things the brain can remember that you have and so many pretty things get forgotten in the many drawers of our scrap rooms and it's true that 2-3 years later, these little flairs in the bottom of the drawer will not be as cute. :)

I also added some sequins and rhine stones.

And a small tab with glitter letters. It's simple but a great way of adding interesting little details.

Day 7

For day 7 I decided I needed a pocket to store all these cards that aren't cards and that I can't put anywhere in my house, because they won't stand. My refrigerator isn't magnetic, and frankly, I'm happy about that. ;) lol

So anyway, I decided to back my calendar with a pocket made of patterned paper from the kit. I stitched the pocket, but I didn't stitched it onto the page, because I didn't want the stitch to show on the other side, right?! :) If you want something new, try stitching with a gold, or with a silver thread. The effect is gorgeous. It adds so much to a page.

To decorate my pocket, I pulled out some tags from the kit which I stitched in a line next to a large kraft and I mixed in a bare chipboard snowflake with a jewel in the center and two snowmen that I stamped and color lightly. I topped that arrangement with a NEW DIE CUT that I made and that you can have if you follow my blog and e-mail me!!! :) I finished with spelling the word cards with silver glittery Thickers. I kind of like this cluster. It's full of layers, and it's large….I like it! :)

Day 7

I wasn't very inspired for day 7. My girls had a birthday party to attend, and things weren't going very well for us so my husband proposed to bring them to give a 3 hours of time for myself. PERFECT! But what do you document when nothing really happens?

Well, here I wanted to use a picture of the birthday party, but didn't really want to mention the birthday party, because it was not really a part of pre-Christmas schedule if you know what I mean. I will mention the birthday party in our Project Life album though. So anyway I started to look for embellishments and I found this beautiful stamp saying "dear Santa" and it hit me: it was time for me to write to Santa and ask him for peace, and love. That's what I did, not mentioning any details of what makes my life hard these days…. I don,t really want to remember WHAT ahas happening that make me sad, I just wanted to free my heart and to maybe get some enlightenment in return. And you know what, it worked. The Christmas Magic and Santa did their job. :)

One again, I love my little embellishments cluster. I used a 4x6 journaling card from the Project Life Midnight Edition and over the talk bubble I layered velum peppermint candy, the "dear Santa" stamp and a velum starburst topped with a golden sequin. I stitched over the stamp, to make as if the ornament would hang from the tree and I stitched next to it and hung a real ornament which is a shrink plastic little tile that I had made for a page for Arielle when she was 10 months old. It's a stamp of an angel and her name and the date of that page is on it. I lost unfortunately lost the page when we got water in the basement 2 years ago, but I kept that little embellishment and now I thought it was the right moment to use it. I like that it adds so much dimension without being very bulky. And I like the angel. it fits with my Christmas theme. :)

Day 8

Pat brought us to a hockey game in Hartford and made for a fun afternoon with music, popcorn and hot chocolate. it was perfect!! It was the mascot's birthday so they made kind of a family event out of it with around 10 mascots meeting the kids. We were sitting really close to the ice and it was really great! I didn't journal about that though. The details don't interest me much here. I just wanted to have the feel of a fun family day. I'll journal about the details in my Project life album.

And while creating I found these great stamps in my kit box. I stamped with gold ink for a stunning effect!!

I'm now standing at day 9. I have post it on my pages to come with one word on each page for the story I want to tell or the feeling I want to cary over. I'll get to it tonight. :)

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Thank you for your support!!!


PS: tomorrow I have a gorgeous gorgeous page to show you!!!!

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