Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project Life - Week 15

Hi everyone!!
Welcome to week 15 of my Project Life album.

The first card is a print screen of Facebook showing one of my pages that Heidi Swapp posted on her wall. You can see 42 likes under it. It made me really really happy. I think it ended up with about 70+ likes. That was definitely a high light of my week. On the side of the picture I added a piece of card from the PL kit where I wrote some explanation.

In the middle of the page I lined up 3 pictures showing Arielle and Maya hugging each other.

And this is a cute story about Arielle (thinking that she is) doing magic.

My insert this week contains a craft that Arielle made in school + a water painting she did at home.

On the backside, a water painting made by Maya. 

These post it notes are from Patrick. Arielle loves to take note lately so he played with her and took some notes himself, writing down all he has to do. What I love most about it is that he wrote down things that he had to do (including games he had to play with the girls) and that gives me a good sense of what we are doing in our house at the moment. 

Here a couple of photos taken the day before I was leaving for a week in Canada.  When that happens, and Patrick is left behind, he likes to make special things with us before we leave. That day we went to the bookstore, had a cookie and coffee and we read some books at the table.

The other pictures are at the butterfly house on our way to my parent's house.

And finally here's a picture of the road. The way from here to Canada is so so so pretty!!

Talk to you soon!

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Isabelle said...

Comme toujours, j'aime beaucoup ton utilisation des tags! C'est tellement parfait pour le PL.