Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A cake and some thoughts on memory keeping

***Edited (I think I was very tired yesterday night when I posted this! I corrected some typos down there...) ;)

Hi everyone!
First of all, let me introduce you to my brand new 5 year old! :)

There she is.

This is Arielle. She just turned 5. She just finished Pre-K, will be starting Kindergarden next September. She just had her first dance recital and she nailed it! She was so very excited to turn 5 and there she is.....

She's 5!

yeah, this is totally her. Her personality shines through this series of pictures. :) I love it!
Ok, so she turned 5, and everyone who knows my a little know that I wouldn't be satisfied (Arielle wouldn't be either!) with a raspberry-chocolate cake like this one. Although I heard it was really really good. So, I made one. A little bit more special, let's say it like that.

She wanted a mermaid cake.
She got a mermaid cake.

She got an awesome mermaid cake!

Everything hand made. Every little flower and coral, the fishes, sea horses, the mermaid (of course!).... Everything is edible too. :)

She also got some matching balloons and hand made pompoms!

And here's the traditional "Me bringing her the cake" photo. As happy and proud as always. :)

She's happy too and that's priceless!

Take your time, make a wish.

She wanted lots of fun and lots of friends. She got both.

Happy Birthday big girl! :) I love you xox

Ok, I also wanted to talk to you about the Paperclipping Roundtable. For those who don't know it yet, it's a weekly podcast about scrapbooking, well worth a look! I can never wait to hear the next show. So, did you listen to it this week?? I did! And it was so touching! I would say that if you have only one show to choose from the very long list, this episode would be of a great value! Just a littlle résumé? Jackie Wood, who is on the show, woke up one morning not knowing what happened in the last 8 years of her life. She has some kind of amnesia. In hear head, he daughter is 5, but in reality she is 13. And what about internet and the new technologies? Was Skype existing 8 years ago? Did you have a child that you would (or maybe not at all) remember? It had me thinking so much about how I scrapbook, what memories I record, do I tell enough on my pages? Jackie was saying that after her loss of memory happened, she turned to her scrapbooks and when ready a page she was always wanting more. That's often how I feel when I do a page. I feel like I say a lot, but never enough. Sure, we have the context now, because we still remember it, but what about in 20 years? What should I have written down so that the context would be there? And so that my mind wouldn't scream for more after I finished looking at the page? I'm telling you, go listen to the episode right now! It's happening here. :)

Ok, so that's it for now. I have to go to bed!!
Talk to you soon and thank for stoping by.



Sunghee said...

Oh my!!! You r the most talented mom ever! Wow! Amazing! How do i add that to pinterest? I bet ppl r asking u to bake their daughters' cakes. And happy birthday to arielle! Your girls r so pretty, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, c'est fou comme elle a l'air grande sur sa photo de Ballerina !! fiou, ca va vraiment trop vite...Ton gateau est débile et la photo sur le fond noir le mets tellement en valeur, félicitations once again you did an AMAZING job...longue-vie à ta carrière de patissière !! Ma fête s'en vient , tu le sais??!! :)

gen xxx

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Oh thanks so much Sunghee!!! That's very generous of you. I'm by far not the most talented mom!!! But sometimes I take my time to try and do something nice, besides scrapbooking. LOL You are a great inspiration to me!! And I'm so happy and honored that you follow my blog. Really! Thanks for always stopping by.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

hahaha!! Merci Gen. ;) Pour ce qui est de la carrière de pâtissière....jusqu'à quel âge tu crois je dois faire des gâteaux? Ca doit achever la?? ;) Faudrait bien que j'arrête d'acheter de nouveaux accessoires en tous cas. :) Le prochain gâteau (ça vient vite!!) devrait être soit Winnie, Minnie ou une bonne partie de la gang des personnages de Disney. Good Luck right?! ;) Merci pour tes petits mots gentils quand tu passes par ici. xox