Thursday, June 13, 2013

Project Life - Week 14

Hi guys!
Week 14 is a strange week, I can't show you everything just yet so I'll show you what I can. :)

This is something Arielle made when she met her future kindergarten teachers. I was not at the meeting (had to wait in the hallway), but I guess she had to color in some shapes.... :) Her name on the yellow cardstock reminds me of the name we had in front of our little desk when we were in 1st grade. :)

She made these two in school.

Again, school work from Arielle and a really cool painting from Maya who learned to flick the paintbrush. ;) She sure has an awesome teacher! Ha!! LOL

This is part of one of the numerous pages I can't show you..... The card was in my Studio Calico kit and I thought it was fun that it's separated in two parts because I often have two things to put in these 4x6 pockets, like here. Oh and I wanted to show you that I used a Facebook post to add an update to my nephews and niece's school situation.

And this cool seahorse was painted by Maya, my 2.5 years old on a night where she didn't sleep AT ALL! It was part of an abstract painting and she told me while looking at it: look mommy, I drew a little seahorse. ;) I cut it out to make this cute 3x4 card. :)

There you go!
See you again soon for the rest. :)
By the way, in some days I'll have a secret to share. ;) 


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Anonymous said...

superbe comme toujours, l'hippocampe de Maya est vraiment hot !! bravo
gen xxx