Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project Life Week 13

Hi Everyone!
It's been a long time since I haven't talk about Project Life. The thruth is, with all the work I had to do (aside of my family life) these past months, I fell behind. Really behind!! Something like 10 weeks behind!! Yes! So this week I was "kind of" not so much in stress (that's not totally true, I have a birthday cake to make and a birthday to organize for Friday) but let's just say I took the time to work on my Project Life and now I am just one week behind! YESSS! :)

So I won't show you everything today, but lets start with week 13.

Seeing the beauty around me. And noticing the small details of our every day life.

A conversation I had with Arielle about me having two girls and not two boys. (She brought it up, not me!) She told me it was my lucky day when I ad my girls. And she added that her lucky day was the Easter bunny gave her TWO necklaces!

Taking advantage and enjoying my life in the USA. And enjoying also the time that I can spend with my parents in Canada.

This is an insert. (I have 3 inserts this week - I was in Canada so I always come back from there with pictures and stories!) I documented the strike we were at, my mom and I, to support my brother's family as the school board decided to close their school.

More pictures of the strike.

I still had a little card from my class with Becky Higgins and I thought the saying is so much in line with what's happening in this story. Next to the card there's a picture of my 2 nephews trying to save their school.

I went to Canada for the strike and I organized along a family reunion in a maple sugar house. It's always great to spend the day with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

I've written on a journaling card the 10 main things that happened and that I liked that day. This is a picture of me and my brother's wife. Love her.

More pictures and a short stories at the sugar house.

Oh yes, there was also my brother's birthday and Easter! That's why I have so many photos and inserts! :)

Here I added 2 pictures on one 4x6 card.

And here is an Instagram that I stapled on a 4x6 journaling card.

This morning I photographed my whole album up to week 22 so I'll show them to you in the next days.

Thanks for stopping by!


Isabelle said...

Toute une semaine! J'adore la petite tag avec la caméra. Trop cute! J'aime aussi comment tu as coupé une carte avec une bulle pour la coller sur la photo. Et comme toujours, tu as de très belles photos et écriture.

Anonymous said...

tu as TOUJOURS de belles histoires a raconter, j'adore te lire !!tu m'as donnée le gout de manger de la tire ;)

gen xxx