Friday, November 9, 2012

Project Life - August

Hey everyone!
How are you?
another post only in english today....sorry! It's because I don't have much time and writing each post in 2 languages takes a lot of time so I rather write more often, but only in one language. Hope you'll forgive me. :)

Ok, so since I liked seeing the month of September of my Project Life album all together in just one place so much, I decided I'd go back and do the same for every month. :) I do it mainly for me, to look back.  You can have a peek into my album too at the same time. lol Enjoy!

Dear August,
In August we went to the pool everyday. We not only discovered Arielle's love of water and for swimming but we also made new friends.
Arielle's first swimming lesson came to an end and she got a "repeat" but she loved her teachers and she was ready to continue to learn.

In August we had my brother and his family over. It was a lot of fun.
In August we went to see movies in the Barnes and Noble parking lot. We ate popcorn. Before the movie, we would eat at Flat Bread and we would play at the playground.

In August Arielle's second swimming lesson came to an end and she passed. At that point she was swimming under water and she was impressing her first swim teacher. The best part was that we were at the pool every day, taking advantage of the sun and the summer.
In August Maya started to say some more words.

In August, going to bed wasn't easy.
In August Maya and Arielle started to play more together.
In August there were flowers growing in my garden. My first garden, my first flowers! :)
In August I went to the park with Arielle and we met friends.
In August I got a prize that I won at Two Peas. That made me happy.

In August I received some happy mail from my friend Keiko in Japan!!!!
In August we got together with our new friends at the library for some crafts.
In August the girls got an haircut.
In August we got the sad news that Arielle's teacher was not coming back to teach next year. :(

In August we did some water painting.
In August my little one was carrying her stuffed animals everywhere.
In August Maya got some blood tests and did that without tears.
In August we went to the Plainville hot air balloons festival with Mrs.Thompson and we had a lot of fun!

In August, my best friend visited me with her 3 kids: swimming pool and scrapbooking with her was great.
In August we went to the pool with our beloved new friends.
In August we also managed to go to the beach near here, It's always funny to think that we live close to a beach.

August was great!! :)
See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Belles photos de tes pages, astu trouvé un nouveau spot !!

j'adore quand tu nous fait des recap, et j'adore encore plus me voir dasn tes pages !!!

je m'en souvenais plus moi de l'histoire a la piscine... va bien falloir que je le fasse moi aussi ce Project Life !!

bon bravo et merci de te souvenir de nous

gros bisous

ps: la photos dans le divan ou Alex hurle est tordante !!

Marie-Pierre said...

oui, moi aussi j'ADORE cette photo. :) Comme quoi il faut prendre des photos, même si dans le moment présent on a l'impression qu'elles sont imparfaites. :)