Tuesday, November 20, 2012

à table!

Hi everyone!

Another page of mine is going up on Debbie Hodge's Getitscrapped.com today.
This time I had to "work" with a theme that I love: the dinning table!! 
What comes to your mind when you think about the dining table? Do you see yourself when you were a kid with your parents and siblings? Or do you think of the long Thanksgiving table at your grandma's house? Or do you see the pic-nic table at your camping ground? Or perhaps the table at your best friend's house that you used to visit every now and then and where you could eat as much desert as you wanted?? 

Well, when I think of a table I see myself with my parents and my brother. I see our dining room, I see our plates with the food in it that we usually ate and also the food that we ate on very rare occasion, like the lobster and the hot pot in these photos I chose to scrapbook this time. 

My journaling is a list of things that I remember that are associated with our dining ritual. Here's the translation:
-At our table, there was no tv.
-At our table, we were talking about how our day went. The kids were talking and the parents would talk only when the kids had left the table.
-At our table we were 4, except on some rare occasions like on birthdays. Wen we had people over it was generally grand-pa and grand-ma.
-At our table, we were eating slowly.
-At our table, we were eating well. The meals were simple though. Sometimes, on special days, we loved to eat lobster and chinese hot pot.
I have good memories of our time sitting all together at the table and I would love that Arielle and Maya experience the same thing. <3 p="p">
Notice how I started very sentence with the same words?

Ok so that's the page I made this time around, but when I think about the table I also see us in Miami with my grand-parents and other friends that were also celebrating Christmas in Florida. I see the Easter table at my other grand-mother's house.....I see the big table next to our small kids-only-table. I see my cousin's husband who was sitting with us, year after year, even though he wasn't a kid. I used to do pickles-eating-contests with him with the pickles that my grand-mother made herself. We still talk about it every time we see each other. :)

When I think of a table I also see myself with my brother and my cousins of the same age siting around a birthday cake.....

I see my family eating some steak that my grand-father had grilled for us in the fireplace and which was served on wooden plates with white rice.

When I think of the dining table I see my dog, sitting on my father's chair, right behind my father, very anxious, ready to jump on anything that would fall next to the plate.

When I think of the dining table I see my brother doing some home work with my mom and I remember sitting on the table and telling all the answers before he did.

A broad theme, like a table, is the perfect element to bring so many memories back!
Once you get started and go back in your head and your heart, the hard part will be to choose THE idea that you will scrapbook. :)

You are stuck? Don't have any ideas? Don't know what to scrapbook today? Well, give it a try! :) And come back to tell me what happened when you started thinking...

See you soon!!
And happy creating! (AND THANKSGIVING!!) :)

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