Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6 photos...doubled up

Hi everyone!

today at Getitscrapped.com, I have a another layout being published.
I was asked to make a layout using 6 photos! When I have to work with lots of photos, I usually scale down the pictures so that I still have room for (lots of!) journaling. You know me by now. :) But this time it was all different!!! The computer was DEAD! So I had no access to photos other than that big box of old photos sitting under my tables, waiting for me to do something with them. Yuck! So I digger through. I had no other choice. And I figured that the best way to get things done for me IS when I have no other choices anymore. I work well under pressure so to speak. Can you relate??! ;)

So I dug in my not so appealing box of photos and I found pictures of the trip we made, right after our wedding, with our guests that came all the way from Switzerland. The big picture: a group of 10 young people, 3 cars, 2 weeks and a road trip through Ontario and Quebec.

The pictures were taken with a APS camera. Do you remember those?? We could choose between a small photo, a slightly longer one and a panoramic picture. I don't know the exact sizes. So here I am with those strange photos, of various sizes, pretty big.....and awkward. And I start! :) That's the best part.

And I finish....

As you can see, I cut some pictures and manage to put all those 6 very bulky pictures onto my layout. Awesome, right?! :) I was happy that I could also use a small dead spot to put some journaling. I couldn't go into the details, but it's fine. At least I did something with those pictures that were just sitting in a box under the table.

her are some details:

Ok, so now I was done for my assignment! But wait, I had other pictures that I had laid down on my table that didn't made the cut and that would still need to be in my layout to tell a more complete story. Then, I'd feel that the road trip was told correctly and I'd be happy to move on...so I got to those pictures and follow the same process of cutting them to a decent size and I filled a whole other page, that gave me a (beautiful) double page layout. :)

Here's the full layout, finished!

The second page:

And some detail shots:

As I was scraping, I relieved my trip. So many great, beautiful and funny memories resurfaced and that is one awesome feeling that people that don't play with their pictures never get to experience. :) You see, you don't need much to scrapbook. Photos (they sure don't have to be perfect!!), some paper and cardstock, maybe some letter stickers, scissors, some kind of adhesive, a pen and that's it. You're ready to go! So if you always wanted to give it a try, today is the time to start!! :)

Ok, see you real soon!!


Nat said...

Ah APS cameras! I remember those! I finally got the last of my APS pictures scrapbooked a couple years ago.

Agree with you - you don't need much to start scrapbooking! It's about simple supplies and having fun reliving the event.

Anonymous said...

WOW, j'aurais tellement pas su quoi faire avec tout ça, c'est génial, j'adore.

C'est vrai qu'on revit les moments quand on les scrappe, c'est vraiment agréable, et aussi d'une certaine façon, apaisant et relaxant.

bonne journée et R.I.P. à ton ordi!!

gen xxx

Caroline said...

Salut Marie-Pierre ! C'est drôle parce que j'avais déjà ton blog dans mes favoris. Je ne me rappelle pas où je l'ai trouvé, mais je te suis de temps en temps depuis un mois... Bien contente de savoir qu'on est presque voisine (même si tu n'es plus dans le coin...)