Saturday, February 11, 2017

Citrus Twist Kits | She Glows

Hello everyone!!

This morning I would like to show a page that I truly adore!
I made it with the February Citrus Twist Add-on kit and I also used some elements from the February Project life kit.

I wanted to document the story of Maya being such a good little friend and receiving lots of love and of compliments from her schoolmates. She's rather a shy kid and she is calm and doesn't go towards others easily, but somehow, light is coming out of her tiny body and she attracts people. I really to have that in her album.

I started with a white background and a photo that I snapped on New year's eve that I absolutely adore (and that photo makes me think that I really should perfect my abilities of using my "big girl" camera and I should use it more. Way more!!!).

Then there was this paper from one Canoe two in the kit that looked like a bee hive. The colors were great and because of her name, we always connect Maya with anything bee related, so I wanted to use it. I didn't want to have the black bees on the page though, and I thought that using a whole piece of paper as is would be too much. So I started cutting the small hexagone shapes and placing them down on the white background. I suddenly saw sort of a little path forming. Thats when I decided to stitch all the forms. It was a lot of work but it was so worth it!

I then reached for that little fox and placed him on the path.

There was another paper that was interesting. The one with the books. I started to look at each of the books and when I read that title I thought it was SO perfect for my story! So I cut 3 books out. I chose the two others for their color. I cut the upper part of the cover and slid a "bookmark" made with one of the leather stickers from the PL kit. I put the top book, the one with the nice title about friendship a little bit on the side to make it stand out and I also used 3d foam tape under the cover, adhering the sion the book right to the background with double side tape to make it look like an actual book and not only a picture of a book. I added a small leather like stick in that shade of blue to attract the eye there. 

In the end, there was this large empty space in the upper left corner. It felt really awkward. That's when I decided to add this cute heart in the same colors than the path. The flair button was also just perfect for the page and the story!

I used some flower die cuts (Paige Evans) to frame the picture. I really love the bronze foil accents. It's really warm and  precious. I also added a couple more heart leather stickers in pinks and blues. I added my title to the top and under my photo and filled in the gap with my journaling. I always have Cathy Zielsky's voice in my head that there shouldn't be any trapped space! lol That's from my design class I took with her when I started scrapbooking, 9 years ago! ha!! ::)

There you go! Another finished page and a lovely story. I hope this could inspire you in many ways!!
Have a lovely weekend!



powerscrapper said...

I love everything about your layout!

Gab said...

Such a beautiful LO and really lovely thing to document