Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Citrus Twist Kits | One Little Word

Hey guys!

First of all, I hope you caught our Cutest Video Hop EVER yesterday?!! How fun was it?? :) I looked at all the videos and was so happy to discover Simon, the 14 year old stamper and card maker! And Laura, the 20 year old who's already a YouTube pro since many years! Call me old, or even stupid, but I thought famous youtube were all Mine Crafter! lol Apparently not. And Arielle is really pleased with ALL the comments she received. Maya, less pleased, told me she was sad for me that everybody was congratulating Arielle and not me! LOL I also had a blast watching this 6 year old playing with his "prize markers" (his mom's copic markers) and emptying a bottle of glue on each spot he wanted to adhere a small die cut. It was hysterical and oh so cute! If you missed it, it's here and it a MUST SEE! lol


Ok, and now you're here for a new page I assume? ;) Well, what a coincidence, I do have one for you!! It's my 3rd project made with the Citrus Twist Kits Add-on and Pattern paper kits and it's funny as the pile of stuff to use grow leaner as the month goes on and projects are made, I still always have enough nice things to make another nice project. :) It's like magic! So here's my layout:

It's an 8.5x11 canvas, you are not dreaming! I made it for my One Little Word documentation. My word this year is Good and taking a mindfulness class was a must for me to get better and feel better. I didn't know that this "meditation" class would bring me just a little bit further and treat me with new friends and great tools. I am so thankful for this in my life at the moment!

So anyway, I used a 12x12 paper from Echo Park as my background. On the 12x12 canvas, the heart was right in the middle. I trimmed it down so that it would be off centered and even bleed out of the page on the left.

It was quite a challenge to find a piece of paper that could fame my photo nicely and sort of block the business of the background. Since the Echo Park paper is not a clean white, all the other papers in the kit wouldn't fit very well. The only one that was fitting was this yellow one, from Crate Paper, but I so wanted to use the other side that I really had to push myself to use it. Better used than hoarded, right?! :)

Here you see how the yellow really make a strong contrast with all the patterns and colors on the background. You also see that I distressed the sides and that I stamped "Days like these" and "where the magic begins". Such cute stamps every month in the kits! I use them all the time! I used another Echo Park paper, quite busy, to make a smaller mat between the photo and the yellow paper. The yellow alone was way too strong!

Over the photo, the wrote the name of all the ladies as seen on the photo. This is really the kind of detail I always omit to write down and that I am missing when I look at my album 5 years later, thinking it's not possible that i forgot the names of my friends! I added a big jewel (Maggie Holmes) and tucked it a little bit behind the yellow paper to give even more dimension than just the distressed edges. I also punched the whole side of the page to give it the look of a piece of paper I would have teared out of a notebook.  I finally added the "just be you" that I cut out from the bottom strip of one of the papers. You know, the space with the name of the company?! Yes, that. I fussy cut that tiny arrow from that same pattern paper.

 Here you se the punched border even better. That "wonderful banner was in the die cuts pack. The original piece says "wonderful you" but I trimmed away the you to have it say only "wonderful".

Right under it I spelled m"mindful" since it's a mindfulness class and I finished by trimming another die cut saying "mom life" to keep only the "life" part of it. :) One got to be creative, right?! I finished the page off with another jewel, this time a green little bow. Oh and I stamped the date. February 14th. Yes, I celebrated Valentine's Day with these friends. It was just plain awesome!! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Thanks for being here! I hope you also had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Marie xox

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Gab said...

Just beautiful - and I love the idea of a canvas