Thursday, February 23, 2017

Citrus Twist Kits | Family Photo

Hi everyone,

here's a page I made with the Citrus Twist kit February 2017 add-on kit.

I only used one sheet of cardstock, no patterned papers and just some stickers here and there. How simple is that?! But the story? The story is all there, in photos, and words! 7 photos to be exact! Oh I love this!!!

I made some sort of title with different elements. I kind of like it. I used my brush pen to write "obligatory". And then I gathered some small elements around my grid to balance the colors.

I used a palm tree leaf to make a Christmas tree. Would you have known if I hadn't told you?! I had to grab that little star from my stash though. ;) I tried using the blue star as the tree top but it was too bulky and I liked it better in the sky. 

I stamped the year of each photo. I used this blue and gold arrow to highlight that pictures of which I talk in my journaling. I thought I didn't need more explanations than what's in the text already. Only some visual support.

And I rounded the page with a yellow label, to repeat the pink label I used in the title, and I used my cute little stamp set to add some wise words. I really love that these stamps are tiny so they fit everywhere! I also like that the words are in different fonts, styles and sizes so that we can combine them and they always fit together!! :) 

Hoping I could inspire you tell longer stories with many photos on a simple/single page!! I just love it when it happens!!

Talk to you soon!!




Gab said...

Wow - you have captured history right there on that page. I love all the family pics on one page! How fun to see the growth in your family over time!

Nounette said...

Cette page est géniale!!! Ca m'a fait sourire car chez nous, c'est pareil, tout le monde se moque de moi et râle un peu mais au final, ils me font plaisir et affichent un beau sourire pour la photo traditionnelle! hi hi hi!