Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Get it Scrapped DT | Using a map

Hi everyone!

Today on the Get it Scrapped blog you will find several ways of using a map in your scrapbooks.

Now, when I was assigned this "challenge" I thought of many many ways to use a map and I couldn't settle down on which one to use. I was thinking to use a map to show our travels in Europe. I was thinking of using a map to show our numerous moves. I was thinking of showing you a layout I made as part of my childhood album where I use a map of where I grew up.... but finally something came up into our life. Maybe you already picked that up on my layouts/PL spreads, but if not, or if you weren't sure, here you have it, black on white:

We Are Moving Again!

This time we are going not further South, but rather east.... Overseas again, just like we did when we came to the United States from Switzerland, 5 years ago. We are moving because (or for) my husband's job. It's the kind of sacrifices we have to do to stay together and to continue to grow as a united family. It doesn't please me so much. Going again through the physical move is no fun. The boxes. The puzzle of what to bring and what to leave behind.... but even more than this, the fact that we have to adapt again to a new culture and country scares me a little. Speaking 4 languages is not enough.... now we'll be confronted to Czech. A difficult language to learn, so I heard. And I know from experience that going to a country where you don't know the language feels like you would be in a prison. Can't read, can't listen, ... In Switzerland I often felt like I landed on the moon. Wish me luck this time around. We'll put Arielle and Maya in charge of the language teaching at home.

So anyway, I'll stop talking and show you the page I made using a map:

I found the map using my friend Google. I print screened it and photoshopped it a little and printed it on white cardstock using my wide format printer. I then spent 5 minutes water coloring some of the countries in tones of yellow, oranges and pinks.

I found that little puffy airplane in my stash. It's from Amy Tangerine. I stitched a pink line from North Carolina to Prague and added 2 small chipboard stars.

I added a chipboard piece (Heidi Swapp) and a few stickers that I found in my stash (Amy Tangerine). I finished by adding the "amazing thing will happen" and "be happy" from Dear Lizzy. The words are just right on!  I added a small yellow start to balance the color.

I added the title up there (Heidi Swapp) and stitched again with an aqua thread. I should have done that at the very beginning since I destroyed my page quite a bit but I was capable of salvaging it ok.

I had a lot to say so I free journaled right where there was space, in the middle of the Atlantic, going around the embellishments I had already adhered. I stamped the date and called it done!! It took me about 30 minutes to do all that. A page doesn't have to be anything complicated. It's just a way of recording a memory after all.

Thanks for coming by!!



trudelmj said...

Bon voyage Marie-Pierre. Un bon défi que tu relèveras bien, j'en suis sûre :-)

Amy Ricker said...

Awww that has got to be so very hard. It is awesome because of the adventure but oh the sacrifice that have to make to move half way across the world. I bid you a fond farewell and lots of well wishes for a smooth transition. Do you follow Stephanie Howell's blog? She is always moving all over as well.

Julierose said...

Oh it is difficult to pack up and move a family--we did it time and again when first wed (50 yrs ago this year!!); now we are pretty well in the same place...
I hope the journey and your newfound home will bring you joy and many new friends. hugs Julierose

Nat said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting! I know it's hard to go through it again, but best wishes for your new home! I may have to come visit.

Melissa said...

Lovely layout! Good luck with your move!

Melissa said...

Lovely layout! Good luck with your move!

Marie-Michèle Livernoche said...

Très original comme page!! j'aime beaucoup! Et j'aime beaucoup le texte, très honnête! je vous souhaite que ça se passe en douceur!

Gab said...

Love, love, love that page! Best of luck with your move. I'm lucky, being an Australian living in Hong Kong, because most people here speak English really well.