Friday, April 22, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | Project Life

Hey guys!

Here's the last Project Life spread I made with my Citrus Twist kits April kits.

This week brings us back to mid-March. My brother was visiting us for the weekend since he was in North Carolina for work. We had a lovely weekend. :)

Left page:

We've got to love Project Life. Without this album I would have never printed any pictures of that special weekend. This being said, some would have printed only one photo and call it good, but since I work per event and not by week or by month, I was free to use the whole double pages spread for our 3 days together. :)

When my brother arrived in Charlotte, my husband was at work and my kids were at school. So we went and have lunch just the two of us. I'm telling that this didn't happen since 1st grade of high school. LOL  I brought my brother to our favorite restaurant, a fancy mexican restaurant with terrace. The sun was shining and we could sit outside in t-shirt. My brother arriving from  Quebec, Canada (look how white he is. haha!!), it was really fun.

Later that afternoon, we picked up the girls at the bus stop, my husband arrived from work around 5, we went to my girls' favorite playground.

The girls had lot of fun running around and playing with their uncle and I had fun taking pictures. :) We even managed to fit a little bit of geo-caching in there. :) We then went to eat on a terrace (yay for living in the South), had a beer followed by an ice-cream.

A week after his visit it would have been my brother's 40th birthday so we wanted to celebrate with him. Pat bought a cake (a fruit tart) and candles. This was the 2nd evening already so the girls were not so shy anymore and sat on him for the cake + photo. :)

Second day (notice that my spread is not 100% chronological) we started with a banana birthday muffin looking like a rabbit rear. ;) lol

And we spent the whole morning in the sunroom. Arielle had been wanting to play games with my brother for a long time so they did just that. :) That lead us to talk about how we used to play and do puzzles all the time when we were kids. (We only have one year appart and were always together).

We spent the afternoon at the White Water Center.  It was fun to eat there and look at the people fall in the water, to climb the rope and the net with the girls. My brother is a fan of the outdoors and outdoor activities so he was right in his element. (the fruit cake came that night after eating vegetables and garlic pasta I had made myself. I'm such a great cook! hahaha!!

Before leaving on Sunday, my brother wanted to go to Walmart. Yep, that was his wish. So we had lunch in another of our favorite restaurant, Cafe100, not shown here, and we headed to Walmart. We came out with several things like 2 barking, eating and pooping dogs for the girls and Easter eggs for the school egg hunts.  Great haul! My brother bought a couple of things and later forgot them in our stairs... So much for going to Walmart. I was,t shy and took a picture... not so glorious, but it does the job. ;)

After the Walmart stop, we went back home and it was time for my brother to leave. Traditional (can we say traditional if it's only the second time?) with the girls and I in front of the house and gone he was. Oh, I filmed my one second video of the girls running after the car. :) 

Wow, That was a load of (personal) information!! I wish I could have fit all that in the album. That should be the goal, right? I guess I still have to work on that: balancing in a better way the photos and the journaling.

Talk to you soon guys! Hope you enjoyed the little walk in my personal life. 


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Gab said...

Beautiful pages - and how special to have this time with your brother