Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Get It Scrapped DT | DIY Project Life cards

Hi everyone!!

Today I'm sharing with you a page that I made for Get it Scrapped. I was asked to create a scrapbooking product myself and to use it on a layout. I chose to create some journaling cards à la Project Life. I was inspired by this cute "cloud" card I found on a sheet of paper from Crate Paper. I thought I needed more cards, in different colors and I thought of drawing a sail boat to go along with the song I wanted to add to my page. You can read on the Get it Scrapped blog if you want some step by step kind of instructions to create your own cards like I did. So anyway, here's the page I made using my "home made" cards:

Having the story idea in my head, I went through my "box of memories", you know the ones that I'm still holding on to, even after reading "The life-changing magic of tidying up from Mari Kondo", and I found these 2 letters that my mom wrote to me while I was at camp in the summer of 1988!! Priceless!! I read them and they brought back so many memories!!! Wow! So I added them to my page and made them easy to take out of the page protector to read again (and again, and again...).

I didn't stick anything to them, i wanted them intact!! I simply hold them in place with a paperclip. I like to be able to read the addresses too. And to see my mom's hand writing which I think is just fantastic (she disagrees with that).

With small gold foam letters I spelled the name of the camp. I placed my cards and photo (it is just a random photo of me at the age I was going to the camp - a Photo Booth photo from 1988!!) and embellishments and then I went to town by writing my heart out. :)

Here you have a better look at the card I created. I used a roller stamp with many numbers on it to stamp the date. I'd really really love to have a roller date stamp of that time but I just can't find one. :(

I decorated the bottom left corner with some ephemera pieces from the Crate paper collection Little You. I've cut out the bottom of the tag which was saying weight and length. :) I really love the mix of transparencies and cardstock die cuts.

Hope you enjoyed my post today!! :)



Cody Doll said...

I read Mari Kondo too and I still have things I'll hold onto. Thank goodness for scrapbooking, it really gives those memories a place to live.

I super duper love your layout and your story. I can't read the writing on the layout but what you said in the post is sweet. I remember going to camp too so you gave me some great ideas. And your DIY cards are precious!

Marie-Michèle Livernoche said...

Wow!! Vraiment impressionnant ce que tu as réussi sur cette page! plusieurs défis relevés... une histoire d'un moins bon souvenir, l'utilisation de souvenirs (memoriabilia), de cartes de PL sur une page 12x12, un long titre! WOW! Et c'est beau en plus!!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Lol!! Merci Marie!!!! Tes commentaries me font toujours du bien. "Et c'est beau en plus" lolololol!!! Merci ;) tse, je suis convaincue que quand on a une is youre qui nous touche à raconter, l'inspiration vient d'une autre place que notre tete (le rationnel) et cest la que la magie opère. :)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

I got rid of a lot of stuff from my childhood when I moved to Switzerland. I had to ship a lid of things by air cargo and couldn't afford to ship everything and of course, I miss what I got rid of. :( so I'd say if you have the space to keep it, man, keep it!!! Marie Kondo was obviously not a memory keeper. :) and yes, scrapbooking totally gives us an opportunity to put order in our memories. Even though not all things fit in a scrapbook, just having the story of said thing in there is awesome!!!! :) thanks for your comment on my layout and on my diy cards. Means a lot to me. :) welcome to my blog. Hope I'll see you again around. Xo

Gab said...

Great page - and so amazing to have those letters still. I'm going to start reading Marie Kondo very soon!