Thursday, April 2, 2015

Project Life - March Part 2

Hi everyone!
À mes amis francophones, veuillez m'excuser pour un 2e billet sans traduction, mais on part pour la Floride après demain et j'ai encore tellement de choses à faire!!  Je me reprends au prochain billet!! Merci de votre compréhension. Et si vous avez des questions sur ce que vous voyez/lisez, n'hésitez pas à me laisser un commentaire. J'y répondrai. :)

Here's part 2 of March 2015. Enjoy!

This month's theme in Ali's "craft the story" kit is MAGIC. I could't love it more!!! I love the products, but even more than that, I love the reminder to look for little pieces of magic in our ordinary life. I found a lot this month.

I started this left page with a card from the kit and a picture of my parent's car in our driveway.

Here,s the story. I love to use full 4x6 cards to tell a "longer" (still relatively short) story.

I used some cute gold and silver metallic stars. (I should have covered the blue ADT sign with one of these stars.)

Remember my post about photos that showcase people's personality? This is a good example. The picture is far from being good, but at the same time, this picture is perfect!! Because it captures so very much my daughter who has a calendar for the first time and who is constantly asking and writing things on it. On the calendar card I circle the date my parents arrived to our house. It was THE BIG EVENT of the month. :)

This is a small picture of my mom who is walking home with my daughters from the bus pick up. Precious.

And this is Arielle at her soccer practice, giving everything because she is competitive, but also because grand-pa is watching tonight! :) I added a label with some details, a big golden glittery heart and a happy wood veneer.

Another perfectly imperfect photo. My parents, Arielle laughing and interacting with the coach. I love it!

Here I would like to have your attention on the colors. I used only warm colors on this spread (and a tiny touch of mint to pick up the blue wall on the left page) because the red dog was pretty dominant and I wanted to blend it in a little. So I used oranges, yellows, pinks…. the paler pinks are toning everything down a little. I also used neutral wood as a background for the dog and some glitter gold as a mat for my small photo of Maya and the dog.

Love these two cards next to each other. And look at the stitching on the lines of the sun burst. Do yo remember yesterday when i talked about stitching along the lines? That's a great example. A little stitching really goes a very long way!

Another word wood veneer here to repeat the one on the left page. And some warm gold foil on a cooler pale pink card. Notice also how I mixed the fonts and the texture of the fonts? One is cursive and lower case, the other one is a sans serif and all uppercase. One is rather bulky and the other is extra thin.  It's a great contrast. Remember, a little bit of contrast is good.

So, what do we do when we have white space? My scrapbook friend would tell you "don't touch it, I like to breathe". And I'll tell you "if you want, use it to write in it". :) Both ways are fine. Here again I mixed the font size and thickness of the lines.

For my last spread of the month, I'm documenting our easter party and I decided to go with the colors of the rainbow!! Starting with the orange, yellow and pink on the left and going into a green and blue palette on the right. I think that this is pretty cool! :)

Look at our white trees!! Gorgeous!! They go so well with our bunny. :)

On the warmer page, I added a golden glittery heart.

And to tie in with the gold I used a white card here with golden stars and I added gold and pink sequins and a pink label.

I love the pop of yellow brought by the journaling card and the arrow. Did you know that arrows are perfect to bring the eye of your viewer where you want ti to go? Here for instance I'm journaling about the tactic that daddy was explaining to little 4 year old. I thought it was pretty funny. :) Well the yellow arrow points toward the race, ...

And here another arrow points toward daddy giving the tips. It's good to use arrows when pictures are really busy like this one.

To the blues and greens I added some black here. It makes a neat contrast to all the white from the bunny and the trees.

A small embellishment cluster with some white and some blue.

And here some more gold. We need a balance throughout the spread. If yo have it on the left side, you'll want to have it also on the right side. At least a little bit of it.

Here there's a mix of textures: cork, enamel, foil. And again a little pinch of black.

Here the words that were showing around the picture of the bunny made no sense to the story so I decided to stitching over them.  And on the bleu card I used a tone on tone embellishment. It makes for a soft look.

I so love this card. It makes me happy. I love happy colors. :)

And here, one last little embellishment cluster and a pinch of orange that brings balance to my spread.

There you go!
I hope you enjoyed those 2 days of Project Life.

I'm very happy to be up-to-date because as we are ready to go celebrate spring break at Disney World, I'll be ready to start a new month, fresh from the beginning when I come back. With my new system, it seems like there's really no more "being late". That's AWESOME!!

Talk to you soon!!!



Marie-Michèle Livernoche said...

Magnifiques pages!! Comme toujours! C'est super tes petits trucs pour rendre nos pages harmonieuses!
Je me demande où trouves-tu d'aussi belles cartes 4x6 avec du foil? Elles sont si rares il me semble!! ;)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Ce sont les cartes de Heidi. :) les polka dots et les étoiles sont en glitter et les triangles sont avec du foil. :)

Marie-Michèle Livernoche said...

Ah super! Merci de l'info! Je vais aller fouiller dans mon stock!! :)

Gab said...

Love all the pretty Easter photos!

Gisèle said...

J'adore, comme toujours. Tu nous donnes le gout de créer!

Nounette said...

J'adore!!! toujours ces petits détails qui changent tout!!! Merci pour ce partage, et pas grave si le post n'est pas traduit, il me faut plus de temps pour tout lire mais c'est l'occasion de réviser mon anglais! lol