Monday, July 14, 2014

Pretty Little Studio | Finding a new house

Hi everyone!

As you know if you follow along here or on any social media (Instagram, Facebook) I am in the process of moving to a new home. We are going from Connecticut, to North Carolina. Moving is at the same time exciting, and tiring. It's nice to know we can start fresh again and make a new house feel like home, and chafe de decoration, and adjust things that weren't quite working until now, but at the same time it can be stressful and sad. We sure are sad to leave some good friends behind, and the proximity to my family in Canada, and a house and neighborhood we love.

(our new house in Charlotte - photo from Instagram)

This being said, I just came back from a trip to Charlotte. While my parents were taking care of the kids here, in Connecticut, I was over there with my husband, meeting with an interior designer and with the men who's going to get us new floors and with a contractor for our new bathroom. We also went hunting for new furniture pieces. That's the fun part, right?!

Today on the Pretty Little Studio blog, I'm sharing a page I made about the house hunting process. I thought it would be good for my soul to document the ups and downs of the process of finding the perfect new place for my family. Here it is:

For the making of this page, I used the new Marigold collection from Pretty Little Studio. I just love the colors of this collection and all the little bits and pieces and embellishments that come in the collection. Paired with gold, they make for a pretty happy page. That's just what I needed at the moment! :)

Talking about Pretty little Studio, I decided not to renew my position on the Design Team. Because of the upcoming move, I'll be without a scrap room for a while and after that I'll be trying to adjust to a new life with my little girls so I think it was smart (not fun though) to say goodbye to this company I loved working with.  I still have 5 pages to come with the Pretty Little Studio products before I definitely move on. Some cute pages to come through out July and August! Stay tuned!! :)

Thanks for coming by today! It's greatly appreciated.

And a very nice day. :)


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Monica said...

Good luck Marie with the coming changes in your life!