Thursday, July 24, 2014

Entre Artistes | Scrapbooker of the year Part 4 of 4

Hi everyone!
This is the 4th and last post of my reveal of my creations I submitted to the Entre Artistes contest. If you missed part one, two and three, you might consider catching up with that first. :)

Entre Artistes Part 1
Entre Artistes Part 2

The fourth assignment was to make a mini-album. If I remember correctly, they wanted to see 5 pages. For the purpose of the contest, that's all I did. Afterwards, I continued adding more content to the album.

So my mini-album is about the love I have for my children and the idea was inspired by the fabulous Hands Free Mama. If you don't know her and her work, I highly recommend you go take a peak at her blog.

For the base of the album, I used some mini memory file folders that were very very hot at the moment. I had just taken a class given by Heidi at Big Picture Classes called The Art Of Observation and I thought that using these super cute and colorful and "just my style" file folders would be the best idea!! :)

Lots of layering on the front letting place to a more simple and clean look inside.
On the first page I wrote a letter to my daughters, explaining the not so glamorous sides of motherhood. I will not share the letter with you because my mom can't read it without crying and I wouldn't want to ruin her day today. ;)

On the second and third pages, I share a love letter I wrote to each of my girls, and where I write about why I love them. What they do that I love so much.

Here I used my Silhouette et some Washi Tape to layer under the negative space.

I've designed and cut out my large title with my Silhouette.

Some vellum and stitching.

And the last page is recording small precious moments that happen daily in our house.

There you go! :)
I might share with you later the remaining finished pages. 

In the meanwhile, thanks for coming by and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. :) 
Thanks again,
Merci :)


S said...

That's beautiful!

Nancy K said...

Awesome! I have that set of file folders and just didn't know what to do with I know! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creativity! ♥

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thank you Nancy! I also have put one on a scrapbooking page right here: I haven't slipped anything in the folder on that particular page, but I could have. It's just another idea to how to use them. :)

Gab said...

So so beautiful! And your girls are just adorable too!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thank you Gab! Have a Lovely day! :)