Monday, April 7, 2014

Pretty Little Studio | Raid - part II

Hi everyone!
As I told you when I showed you this page, I wasn't satisfied with the "story telling". So I decided to add a 2nd page to it. I didn't follow the sketch that time (if you would like to see ho we can turn a one page sketch into a 2 pagers, you can find several examples at Get it Scrapped. Follow the link to get exactly at the right place on the website) and I didn't have another sheet of the same pattern paper to make the background so I decided to simply reuse bits of the second patterned paper I used on my first page to tie the two pages together.

Now I have (almost) all the pictures i wanted to scrapbook. And I have lots of text and loads of informations. I could probably talk for days about this race I did, but I try to keep it short on my pages so that I don't feel discouraged when I get to read it. ;)

Here is the patterned paper that ties everything together.

I also used the same golden letters, gold glittery cardstock, stars, cork chevrons and droplets of Color Shine.

Now, even though you saw pretty much the whole page here, I invite you to go to the Pretty Little Studio's blog because I am sharing a cute trick over there. I won't tell you more except maybe that it has something to do with this picture:

Thanks for stopping by!!
It's really appreciated!

Marie-Pierre :)

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Monica Matak Evans said...

clever idea!