Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get It Scrapped | Channeling Doris Sander

Hi everyone!

This month at get it Scrapped, I did come thing that was really awesome:
I focussed on the pages of one of Debbie Hodge's teacher, Doris Sander (you can see her work on Pinterest right here) and I tried to understand her way to design, and I made a page from what I understood from her work. It is about my civil wedding that took place a year before our white wedding. I was 23 years old here. ;)

To see my thinking in the translation of Doris work's into this, you can go to Get it Scrapped. You'll find there also other interpretation of Doris' work by my team mates. :)

This is a page I wanted to make since a very very long time and Doris' way of using clusters of photos was perfect for me to document such an event. :)

Thanks for stopping by, guys!!


Orietta Vélez Dumani said...

Your work is full of tiny details all around, which makes the entire work lovely! Signing off from Port Limón, Costa Rica.

mark lawrence said...

Awesome and a fantastic work. I like every detail about this custom scrapbook. I got married last month at one of wedding venues NYC and would like to do such creativity with our wedding photos. Thank you very much dear for the wonderful idea.