Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A glitter-y and fun page

Hi everyone!!

Today I'd like to show you a page that I made in 2 steps:

1st step: in Anaheim, at the Big Picture Play Event in May Flaum's workshop.

I assembled pretty much all the paper and embellishment with some removable adhesive. I didn't have a picture with me at that time but I knew I wanted to make a page about what Stacy Julian had just said about "plaing more" and I knew I would have enough photos to pair my journaling with. So I layered and sponged and layered again. :)

2nd step: home. I took every pieces apart and assembled them again, this time with my sewing machine. it was awesome! And just as it was planned, I found the perfect picture of me and Tracey Clark to complement the text. The colors of the pictures don't match the colors of the papers? Who cares? really…! :)

Thanks for stopping by you guys! It is truly appreciated!!



Thanh Vo said...

I laughed at this photo the first time I saw it and again just now. It's totally super cute! I love all the emellishments you used on this page - so detailed and it flows all together!

Monique Liedtke said...

What a super fun page! Love all the different elements and love how colorful it is!!