Saturday, February 16, 2013

Project Life - Week 6

Hi everyone!!
My week 6 ended up with LOTS of pages!!!

Here you can see a card I got for the New Year. It's from Switzerland and it's a copy of a "decoupage", the art I also practice. I had to include it in my album and even though New Years is long gone, I don't mind showing it in my album just now.
I also have another dance shot since the curtains to have a peak in the class room are open every first tuesday of the month. :)

The first insert and some following are drawings and stuff my oldest daughter made. Here is her first love letter (!!) to a little boy in her class. He's so funny that she loves him. ;)

I added a little note just to give some context.

I included some work of art from my youngest too.

And since I couldn't decide what to keep and what to throw away, I decided to keep almost everything. :)

Lot's of Instagram this week....good that Becky has some page protectors with square pockets accompanied by some 3x4 pockets. Awesome!! :)

A print screen and a sticker arrow.

See, this is just a half page insert. :)

a 5x7 pocket ...

...for the best pictures!

See you again soon!! :)


Marie said...

Superbe série de pages...Tes filles sont douées du stylo, comme leur maman ;-) J'aime beaucoup le fait que c'est la "vraie" vie, avec son côté pas toujours glamour ! très réussi ! Et je vois aussi de petits hashtag avec plaisir !
Bisous !

PrinzessinN said...

Wow, your pages are great. And you really have lots of pictures :o). I love the mix between the classical page protectors and the other formats. I have to mix it up too.

Cheers from Switzerland!