Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project Life Week 4

Hi guys!! :)

Here's my week 4 of my album Project Life:

As you can see, I have an insert this week. I do, most of the time because my Project Life album is where I store my daughter's artwork that she does in school or at home. This week, a 8x10 pocket was enough. :) Soon I'll show how I succeeded in keeping my page protectors organized!!

Ok, left page more in detail:

I just realized that I didn't use a Becky Higgins page Protector for this layout...oops. It's ok, PL is whatever you want it to be, right? And all the other page protectors also fit in the album, so why not use them?! ;) So this is a We R Memory Keepers page protector and it has a 6x8 opening and I used that pocket to slip a piece of paper that my daughter used to write our names on. I added a small card from Recollections (the Michaels home brand). I thought it was cool with the little owl and his glasses. He looks so intelligent, almost like a teacher, and I am in awe of what my daughter can write at only 4 years old, so it's very fitting. 

My small calendar was shifted to the right on my layout, but it's all right. I don't mind it at all. This time, on this card I also added a small picture on which I wrote in photoshop and I added a small rhinestone in the shape of a heart.

Here another 4x6 on which I wrote in photoshop. If you notice, I made a frame (a very thin one) and I didn't rounded up the corned..... I decided to do that this year: not round every single card. I'll see how it works but for now, I like it.

At the bottom I wanted to showcase 2 pictures I took with Instagram that week to illustrate the morning struggle I have on every school day. I put my 2 4x6 cards next to each other and treated it like a small canvas. I split the two pictures to leave some room between them to write the story. On the left, I printed a sort of title which was in the digital kit. 

For the right page I used a PL page protector, design A.

I left the first picture as is... because I don't always have something to say. 
And I did a small montage in photoshop for the next picture:

I opened my document I use to print two 4x3 pictures. On the left side I uploaded a picture and I added an element from the digital PL kit. On the right side I uploaded a filler card an which I wrote my journaling in Photoshop. This is my own handwriting. That's a gift I got on my last birthday: my handwriting digitalized. It's awesome! It works really great (I'm thinking I'll go back in my album and to this for all the pictures on which I wrote with a pen.... I think it's cuter this way. :)

Here, a LOT of journaling!! I stamped some sort of titles and wrote the rest... And I added a piece of ephemera (the medicament paper) for good mesure. ;)

My last photo is just a small one representing perfectly my little one. I stapled a small heart on which I journaled. 

Thanks for looking and see you soon!! :)


Loana said...

Hello Coucou Ho ben dis-donc, vraiment pas de chance avec cette grippe ! J espère que tout le monde va mieux ? Tres sympa ton project life !

Marie said...

Ma pauvre, c'était un weekend difficile ! J'espère que vous êtes tous de nouveau sur pied ! Et je trouve ta double page géniale, avec le ticket de "CVS" qui me rappelle des souvenirs !
Les photos de tes filles endormies sont géniales !

Vero said...

Bonne idee la boite de medicaments.
Encore une fois ton travail est magnifique!

PrinzessinN said...

Your pages are so lovely. I like the journaling you's great that it is's much more personal in my opinion.