Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ode to an angel

A year ago, on february 14th of 2012, my dear friend Caroline gave birth to an angel.
Her little Mathieu was born very ill.... and he couldn't leave the hospital for 6 months.
My friend was tough! She visited him every day. She helped him fight for his life, giving him all the strength she could find in herself. Just a little before he turned 6 months, Mathieu the little angel, Cupid as she called him, received a new liver, but he couldn't recover from the operation and he left us..... This little angel is now a big bright star in the sky, shining with all his soul and all his love over us. It's been six month, already, that Mathieu touched the lives of so many people! He's in our hearts forever.

For my friend, in memory of Mathieu and out of love for her, I made a small work of art...because I guess that's what I can do best.

This is called a paper cut. It's a silhouette that I have cut into a piece of very thin black paper and that I layered over some white cardstock. I stamped a red ballon that I fussy cut and adhered with some foam adhesive to add some dimension.  Under the decoupage I wrote my friend a little note: To my friend Caroline, because you are one of the nicest person that crossed my path... I framed it for her.

Today (and almost every single day since almost a year) I think of my friend and I send her lots and lots of love! May I ask that you have a thought of love for her and her family today. 

Thank you!!
And don't forget to have a wonderful Valentine's day and to cherish the ones you love most!!!


Marie said...

C'est boulversant comme histoire. Je compatis à la douleur de Caro, et j'espère qu'elle est entourée de beaucoup d'amour pour continuer à vivre malgré un tel vide et une telle perte.
Bravo aussi pour une bien belle carte.
Bisous !

Nat said...

Thanks for this. A friend of our family passed away this morning and seeing the silhouette you made makes me smile.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Merci Marie. En passant, ceci n'est pas une carte. Ca mesure 8x10 (pouces) :) C'est un réel tableau. :)) Merci pour tes commentaires. :)