Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Get It Scrapped DT | My dad

Hello everyone!

Here's a page I made for Get it Scrapped. The goal of the assignment this month was to scrap with an intention. Start with something (a photo, a story, an emotion, whatever) and build on that bringing only elements that makes sense and that convey the intention you started with.

Can you imagine that I hadn't made a page on my dad yet? Not one! So here is my first page I made for/about him.

So I started with the idea of making a page about my dad and everything on this page tells a bit of his story.

Starting with the title which is an inside joke in our family.

And all the embellishments too have their meaning.

The page is minimalist, just like my dad, and holds a lot of words, just like my dad.  :)

To see more on building pages with intention, head over to the Get it Scrapped blog where you'll find a great article and many more examples.


1 comment:

Gab said...

Just love that page - so good to have all that journaling! Now seeing pics of your mum and dad recently you are such a lovely mix of the two of them!