Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hip Kit Club | Project Life 2015

Hi everyone!
Today I'm sharing a spread I made about our trip to Sanibel Island in November 2015. I made it with Hip Kit Club December 2015 Kits.
I really like my new approach to Project Life which is not weekly but story by story, regardless of the length of the story.

Left page:

And some close up shots:

I love these little dash to catch the attention of the viewer.

I like lots of space on a photo to add a big word.
And stitching is always one my favorite!! Remember that you can stitch through everything (almost - don,t try metal!!). Seriously I stitch through wood veneers and the thickest chipboard. It's really a great way to add that WOW factor!

White drops of ink. I haven't found a white ink that makes cute drops I like. If you know of one, let me know in the comments... Maybe it's just my technique that is bad, I don,t know. I really love the look of white  on dark patterned papers.

As I already mentioned often, striped patterned papers are great for journaling. Here's another good example of that. I cut out a sheet of 6x6 into a 3x4 card. it gave me one 4x6 and 2 3x4 cards. Awesome stuff!! :)

Silver is coming along gold these days and I love it. Lots of people think that gold and silver don't go together but they really do. They are 2 neutrals.

Here a really thick cluster of wood veneer and flair. Not sure I'm a big fan of that in my PL album. I'm afraid it will distort my photos laying on top of that with time... :( I love the stitching on the card under the photo though. :) That little flair is really rally cute!

Right page:

Ombre patterned paper cut into a 4x6 card. I really love the look of that!

These little golden hearts on the side were cut in 2. Here is one half on them.

And here's the other half.It's different. It's kind of cute ;)

Lovely card, exclusivity of Hip Kit Club! And a little wooden frame to bring together all the other wooden pieces I used on this spread.



MariePierre said...

Magnifique, quel beau voyage vous avez fait en plus. J'aime beaucoup comment tu mets l'emphase sur les nombreuses choses que vous avez apprises (sur les coquillages, les perroquets, au zoo), tout en vous amusant! Tu as sans doute déjà essayé le irRESISTible blanc pour faire des goutelettes blances? Notre amie Ladybird ne jure que par lui. J'en profite pour te souhaiter une très belle année 2016 à toi et toute ta famille! Au plaisir de te suivre dans tes projets créatifs pour une autre année!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Merci beaucoup Marie-Pierre!!! Je te souhaite une belle année à toi aussi. :) je n'ai jamais essayé l'encre blanche de Ladybird. Je vais voir si je peux m'en procurer. Je sais que plusieurs filles ont bien du succès avec celle que j'ai, mais moi j'ai encore jamais réussi à m'en servir avec de bons résultats. Lol merci pour le tuyau! :)

Gab said...

Looks like a fun holiday! Great pages!