Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Get it Scrapped - Why I keep scrapbooking

Hi everyone!

Today at Get it Scrapped, designers share "why they keep scrapbooking".

Why do I scrapbook? I've been scrapbooking for 8 years now... It's the "hobby" that I've been doing for the longest period of time.

Before, I did calligraphy, quilling, paper cutting, watercolor painting, ... but I stopped everything, at some point.

Scrapbooking? It's still going strong. Why? Well, in comparison to all the other hobbies, I would say that this one is more a passion than a hobby and the one that fills me up most. The act of scrapbooking, but also everything that is around it: finding the stories I want to preserve, finding ways to tell these stories, the result, the pages, the reactions of my family when I show them my pages, the satisfaction that I have created a product that I love and that will be enjoyed for many years by my family and I. And I don't know it for sure now, but in the future I can sense that all of these pages will only gain value. :)

So anyway, that's what I tried to capture in this page.

I used a selfie of us 4 that I had just taken and that was pretty representative of what we are right now.

I wrote just a few words. I like to write long stories, but I'm really trying to keep it short. Some stories will inevitably need more words, that's for sure, but I felt that this one could win by staying short and sweet. :)

I ONLY used products that I LOVE!! And also colors that make me happy.

I did some good layering and added dimension and textures with cork, glitters, wood, metal, acetate, bakers twine...

And I think that this is why I love this page so much.

What do you think?
And why do YOU still scrapbook?? How long have you been scrapbooking? I'd love to know.

Talk to you soon!!


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Gab said...

What a great page! Love that gorgeous photo of you all and all the details on the LO are so pretty!