Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Get It Scrapped | Today I am Golden

Hey everyone,

today, Get It Scrapped is shining the light on every part of a scrapbook layout:

1) Canvas, 2) Photos, 3) Journaling, 4) Titles, 5) Embellishments

I am playing along by sharing a layout where the focus is on the title.

I have to admit that my layout finished way more loaded than how I thought it would. But I still think that my title gets the focus because of all that white space around it. The empty pulls the eye away from the business of the rest of the page.

I used 2 different alphas. Both are foam, both are capital letters, one is smaller and white while the other one is much taller and very shiny and sparkly. I added a golden puffy sticker on top, right in the middle and I also added a giant balloon that I stamped over some gold leaf I had previously applied.

My main photo is right next to the title and also pulls the eye in with the golden balloons and again, the empty space in the photo. I added a subtitle right next to this photo: a giant 9 gold puffy sticker.

Separating the title and main photo from the smaller supportive photos, I layered 3 ribbons. One solid pink with some dark pink and glittery leaves motif, a transparent tule kind of ribbon. It was very wide so I folded it in 4, which gave it more consistence than a single layer would have had. And I topped all of these with a narrow gold ribbon that I glued in place forming circles.

Under that shelf of ribbons, 4 photos developing the story a bit more.
And my journaling, of course! I printed it on white cardstock and cut it out into stripes. I glued them loosely, creating small hills to give movement to the page. I also added some gold leaf here in that corner.

I finally added a gold foiled label with the date.

Visit the Get It Scrapped blog to see how the creative team made their layout part stand out! 


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Gab said...

Just gorgeous! Those balloons are so pretty! And your little girl looks so happy!!