Monday, October 17, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | Start

Hello everyone,

Here's a second page I made with the beautiful October Citrus Twist Kits Scrapbooking kit.

For this page I was inspired by a story the girls came from school with called "the dot",  The short version of the story is that you can make something worth it, whatever the talent you think you have. You only have to start and make something. In the story, the little girl made a dot. A simple dot. And the teacher framed it. The little girl when she saw that thought that she could do a better dot, so she made another one, and another one...until at the end she had her own exposition of dot paintings.

Often my daughter tells me she can't draw, she's not good... often i also think that I can't draw.... so this is a reminder that yes, if we start, we can make something, and maybe it will take us somewhere unexpected. (It makes me think of my little illustrations which are now part of official scrapbooking collections! Incredible!!!)

I used a picture of the girls painting (it was easy to find a recent one since I leave the paint and brushes on the table and the grill are painting everyday when they walk by the table) and I decorated it with lots of little embellishments from the October Citrus Twist Kits Scrapbooking + Embellishment kits.

I used the glassine envelope as a layer behind my photo and I added interest with thread loosely tied behind that label.

Chipboard pieces tucked behind a photo gives lots of dimension.

For the title I used the acrylic letters from the kit. For the r I used the letter "i" and placed the dot differently.

My journaling is simply the lyrics of the song/story.

What about you? Do you have a favorite story book? If so, did you scrapbook it?


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Gab said...

What a beautiful story