Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hip Kit Club - Project life

Hi everyone!

How is your Project life 2016 coming along?
I heard some people say that they are finishing their 2015 album before they start. I don't. :)
I haven't finished my December Daily either. But it,s ok. I can take several projects at the same time, right? :)
So here's another 8x8 insert that is now in my 2016 PL album:
Everything used here is part of the January 2016 Hip Kit Club kits.

I really love this little size of traditional pages. And you see that I don't only do these pages when I have a beautiful photo. In fact, no photo here! But a good story that was well worth the documentation. :)

I love using these little PL cards to add some more journaling.  I stuck some stickers at the bottom of the jar. It's really cool to subscribe to a kit because you really have the feeling you CAN use all the cute bits that I would usually save for other pages. And these cute details really make an album shine!

Also I'm learning to not be afraid of layering not only papers, but also  embellishments. Cover some up, it gives dimension and interest.

Here's a bonus page for my blog readers. It won,t appear on the Hip Kit Club blog or on Instagram/Facebook.

It a way you can use bigger document of your life. Use them as background paper and add elements on top to document and explain. It's not the most beautiful page, but it's very sentimental. And it will forever remind me that we are not untouchable.

That washi tape is just awesome!!!!
I also love the splatters on that patterned paper.  When cutting up a large sheet into a smaller size, I first look at it carefully and think of these little details. Do I want the splatters on the right? The left? right in the middle? I pay attention to details like these all the time, without spending hours on them. I decide quite quickly.

I know we now use the @ to tag people, but for me the @ symbol has always been "at" with the "where" sense. At Home for example. That's how I decided to use it here. You know, everyone his own and all will be good. There's no right or wrong, really. :)

Have a good one!


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Gab said...

So pretty - love the mason jar full of goodies!