Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pretty Little Studio | Out of the box

Hi everyone!

I love it when I have a challenge as a starting point for a page.
This week I had to get my inspiration from a picture.

I started to look at what I loved about it: 1. The translucent colors reminding me of watercolor. 2. The three primary colors: blue, red and yellow. 3. The golden feel of the sun peeking behind the yellow balloon. 4. The round shapes.

Then I started to think about how I could translate that on a page.

I could have two big circles. One would contain my picture(s), the other, the journaling.
My circles could be stitched and filled with watercolor.
I could add gold accents.
I could use all round shaped embellishments.

Here's what I came up with:

As I was going through my stash in search of a background, I came across this watercolor background I had made months ago!!! It was not perfect for the project but it was fine. (Remember, with the upcoming move, half my scraproom is gone! And I didn't want to start making a mess.)

I traced two circles several times with a pencil and I stitched somewhat near the lines. I didn't erase them afterwards. It's gives dimension, fun and a feel of imperfection. I like that!

I used round shaped embellishments which I filled with gold accents.

I added round ephemera that I had brought back from our trip to Disney: a couple of flairs, a Mickey Mouse sticker and also some paper gold doubloons. Two of them are made of gold foil. PERFECT! :)

I added a couple touches of color (tabs) and some more hand written touches like the little heart up here.

Finally I added a trail of gold stars.

I decided not to write my journaling in one of the circles as I thought I would do at the beginning because I didn't want to fill up these nice breathing spaces.

I hope you like to read about my process.
Maybe you could try it too, to make a page with an image (this image?) as a starting point. If you do try it, please share it with me here, or on the Pretty Little Studio blog post for a chance to win a price.

Good luck! And HAVE FUN!!



Francine said...

Wow! Tellement beau et incroyable à partir d’une photo si simple.

Ça me rappelle Bouchervile, le temps où tu avais des collections de crayons, effaces et collants dans des scrap book.
Déjà tu avais tout pour devenir ma scrapbookeuse de l’année.

Papa a ajouté que les deux ballons forment le haut d’un cœur et/ou les oreilles de Mickey.
Belle observation que je n’avais pas remarquée.

Karen Day said...

Marie, this is just gorgeous! Your watercolour background is amazing :o)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thanks so much Karen!!! xx

Monica said...

It was interesting reading your process. Lovely page by the way.

Great to see you got to spend some time at Disney with your family.